Leadinfo Expands International Growth with Aircall + HubSpot

Leadinfo Expands International Growth with Aircall + HubSpot



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Based in Rotterdam, Netherlands, Leadinfo’s B2B SaaS software provides insights, enabling businesses to highly increase the relevance of their websites for visitors. The software identifies website visitors based on IP addresses and it enhances that visitor data with information from the company’s own database. Leadinfo’s customers are SMBs that span across a variety of industries including packaging, manufacturing, software, financial institutions, and more.

With an eye on strong international growth, Leadinfo looked for a way to reduce the costs associated with call charges and the time they were spending on setting up desk phones.

In a recent conversation with Quirijn Kleppe, the Operations Manager at Leadinfo, we learned more about how Aircall and Hubspot helped meet their goals of reducing costs, creating efficiency, and scaling in an international market.

Leveraging Digital Tools to Maximize Growth Potential

Quirijn took on the task of growing Leadinfo’s presence in new countries, hiring new talent, and performing financial analyses. He decided on an analytical approach to growing the company by monitoring and measuring metrics, benchmarking the company’s performance against other SaaS companies, and building strategic partnerships with industry-leading companies like Aircall.

Leadinfo had a good start with a database of millions of SMB company records that they’d already enriched with detailed contact and financial information. Quirijn envisioned that the way to realize the company’s annual growth goals was to break them down into monthly, weekly, and even daily goals. He devised a strategy to craft all the right digital tools together to increase productivity. He settled on HubSpot CRM, Aircall, Notion, and a few other internal tools.

Quirijn focuses primarily on revenue and aligning it with MRR to ensure the company meets its overall goals. To keep the momentum going, Quirijn also tracks churn, net rate retention, and the SaaS rule of 40.

On the Lookout for a Scalable Phone System

Prior to leveraging greater digitalization, Leadinfo’s teams used VoIP phones. Quirijn couldn’t believe the high costs associated with making a large number of outbound calls to different countries. Steep minute charges limited their ability to scale.

“The physical infrastructure of the phones was an issue that led us to consider an alternative. We bought local Dutch phone numbers and we were using that to call prospective customers in Germany and we were charged a lot of money and it was hard to scale with this model.”

They were frustrated by the amount of time it took to set up these physical phones and onboard sales and support teams. This was not what Leadinfo had in mind when they wanted to scale and expand their business across Europe.

Aircall Streamlines Onboarding and Reduces Phone Costs

Quirijn decided to go with Aircall to manage Leadinfo’s sales and support teams. Aircall was their choice for a variety of reasons - processes and touchpoints throughout the website and interaction with sales were smooth. The transparent pricing was also a key lever in making the switch.

“We heard from several companies about Aircall and it was the go-to solution for us. We didn’t consider any other products.”

Leadinfo started using Aircall to handle support calls with an inbound phone number. They team it up with Intercom to handle inbound support requests via chat. In addition, they also use Aircall to manage their outbound sales using a localized approach.

Leadinfo’s whole go-to-market strategy was built using this localized approach. According to Quirijn, this is what sets them apart - having a land and expand strategy that takes practically minutes to set up.

“With an international team, having the capability to expand to new markets with a local approach is what makes the business successful. And Aircall plays a big role here.”

Leadinfo’s expansion strategy was clear and they knew the business had to move into new markets namely Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and France to grow and evolve. With the help of Aircall, Leadinfo can now more easily get the ball rolling by establishing a local presence anywhere using Aircall numbers. Onboarding was also a breeze. It was as easy as giving laptops and headsets to existing and new reps and setting up their accounts.

“After using Aircall, onboarding became easier. I just create accounts for new hires, buy a new phone number for the new country with the right details and information and they are live. All of this happens in minutes and expansion is easy.”

Integration with HubSpot Adds Strategic Value

Leadinfo had been using HubSpot for their CRM, which was also one of the deciding reasons for choosing Aircall. Sales and support reps can immediately see who’s calling, and with automatic call logging, they get real-time updates.

“It’s nice for us that we can call directly from HubSpot. We don’t have to leave HubSpot to start the call - contact data is stored there. Aircall is used for making those calls and taking call notes.”

The call tagging feature is a huge time-saver for them. Having the ability to add tags from within HubSpot is easier to track and report on call metrics and performance. They set up labels for support, lead qualification, closing, etc., which provides the basis for analyzing calls and optimizing performance.

“Once the call finishes, the notes from Aircall are automatically synced to HubSpot. We also always have the records afterwards.”

Quirijn also notes how nice it’s been to use the Aircall and HubSpot integration to help communicate with their 700 partners. There’s no second-guessing about the last conversation, which allows them to be completely transparent and communicate effectively about features, launch, and other important aspects of the partnership. Quirijn tracks the call center activities on a daily basis for emails, meetings, notes, and calls. Having access to this data helps his teams outperform week over week.

“Everyone is always working from HubSpot and it makes it easy to start a conversation due to the HubSpot - Aircall integration. Features like Power Dialer and Click-to-Dial are used often in such situations.”

Ideally, Quirijn wanted a solution that would work with HubSpot, be easy to install, and make scaling more practical and affordable. Aircall’s bundle approach offered the perfect all-in-one solution.

“It is also important for us that we have everything in one system. We know exactly what happened with customer info, call recordings, and so on. We also use this to track call performance, customer needs, and help us reflect to do better.”

Aircall’s Impact on Improving Sales and Support Processes Through Workflows and Reporting

Quirijn points out the value they get with reporting, which is detailed on each rep’s activities. They can instantly see who was contacted and use the data to improve their sales processes and trigger workflows at the right time operationally.

Leadinfo tracks call volume for inbound and outbound calls and call duration. Big screens in their facility display revenue and other data directly from the Aircall API. If they detect a customer problem in the morning, quick access to the data makes it possible for them to be agile and proactively fix it.

Aircall has also enhanced Leadinfo’s training and onboarding programs. All sales leaders have to do is grab a headset, listen in on calls, and whisper a few tips to coach their reps. Call recordings are also helpful training aids during rep reviews.

Early results after making the switch to Aircall showed in the Leadinfo’s ability to expand internationally. Ultimately, they got a lot more in return. Quirijn doesn’t miss the hassles of dealing with local VoIP providers, and he doesn’t hesitate to recommend Aircall.

“For us, we see this as a cost benefit and we got a lot more in return. It also really helped with our international expansion and growth.”

As for the future, Leadinfo plans to expand their team of 15 to 30 by the end of this year, and the HubSpot integration and ease of onboarding will help them reach that goal.

The ease of setting up new phone numbers for new markets and improving their integration workflows support their future expansion plans, and Aircall has become a crucial part of their go-to-market strategy.

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