Instincts used to be a salesperson’s best friend.

For decades, the best sales representatives relied on their understanding of human behavior to know when to place their most strategic phone calls. They picked up on subtle cues to determine which leads were worth chasing and which were not.

No matter the changes, this alignment with others will always remain an important asset for the modern sales team. As a manager, you know that your best representatives just have a knack for selling. However, instinct can only get you so far these days.

The second and sometimes more difficult mission is to ensure your team has powerful tools at their disposal to make better and faster decisions. With this in mind, having fast and easy access to data is a real game changer: It provides your teams with precise information about the impact of their strategies. The right technology and the right sales acumen will make your sales team unstoppable.

This is a shared belief at both Aircall & Toucan: We specialize in making tech and data tools more accessible to help your sales teams do what they do best—sell.

Whether it’s providing your teams with a cloud-based phone solution that adapts to their needs or making data accessible by every team in each department, Aircall & Toucan Toco help you enhance daily processes to make your teams more efficient.

Data-Driven Storytelling: Use Data to Elevate the Performance of Your Sales Team

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