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Access job candidate information from OTYS in the Aircall phone, and track your call activity in OTYS automatically.

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OTYS Recruiting Technology is the leading, innovative company for recruiting software. With the new integration with Aircall it becomes even easier to manage your whole business on-the-go. Streamline all your calls with your OTYS data, no matter when or where you are.

Aircall + OTYS

OTYS is modular recruitment software to suit all your needs. You can manage all your relations, candidates, vacancies and procedures in one simple system, and also your calls with the Aircall integration. Manage and view all incoming and outgoing calls, add notes and labels, assign calls to colleagues and automatically log all that data in OTYS.

Key Benefits

Keep track of all your business activities

Log your incoming and outgoing calls, notes, added labels and recordings of calls automatically in OTYS. Simply make notes or record a call in Aircall and they will be added to the candidate dossier. Limit manual entries, handling and errors, and improve your teamwork. Retain oversight and gain valuable insights into your whole business operations.

No need to switch applications or devices

You can start all your calls directly in your OTYS software. With one-click you’ll start a call with a candidate or contact person. All your outgoing and incoming calls centralized for an efficient workflow to improve your productivity. Because Aircall and OTYS are both cloud based software, regardless of your location, regardless of your device, you will always have access to the important information.

Information available directly through Aircall

In one glance you will know who is calling you, so every phone call is a productive phone call. View basic candidate or contact person information in Aircall, see potential LinkedIn Job offers and all outstanding tasks. Aircall makes it possible to seamlessly switch to detailed view in OTYS. Boost call effectiveness by always having access to historic call and candidate information.


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