Connect Aircall and Magento for instant access to your customer’s details.



Connect Aircall and Magento for easy access to your caller’s details the moment the phone rings. Customer information is displayed right in the Aircall app, so merchants have a head start in resolving the customer’s issue.

Get customer details from Magento before you pick up the phone

With the Aircall - Magento integration, the customer’s name and a quick link to their profile in Magento gives reps easy access to view customer, order, and shipping information. Agents can get a more detailed view of the customer and have personalized, more informed conversations right away.

Go to the customer’s Magento profile in just one click

By taking manual searches out of your workflow, your team can save up to two minutes per call – letting your agents focus on delighting your customers with a quicker, more personal support experience.

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