Glances integrates Aircall with all your favorite workplace apps. Get a simplified view of the data you need in real time, across all your connected apps, no coding needed.

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Glances is your go-to hub for customer insights and personal tasks

Searching for information across web apps wastes time and drains your productivity daily. Glances was built to securely connect all of your apps and provide a simplified view of the data you need in real time, no coding necessary. Glances works on any webpage you visit and within any app or platform you use, so you and your team can eliminate roadblocks and get back to The simplest way to work™.

Aircall + Glances key benefits:

Get a clear view of your clients and contacts

✔️ Search all of your apps at once ✔️ Get fresh, real-time results ✔️ Prevent tab switching between apps ✔️ Eliminate clicks – save time on each interaction

Stay focused with one powerful tool that unifies your apps

Glances empowers your productivity no matter the app or platform you are using. Instantly look up a list of Aircall calls per customer while working in other platforms like HubSpot, Mailchimp and Zendesk, or check in on all your personal tasks using My Daily Glances. From app to app, Glances is always there and ready to help.

Perform multi-tasking actions in other apps

With Glances, you can quickly perform actions related to one app while working in another, such as creating invoices, sending applications, and more! Simply click the Actions menu in Glances to see the available options and start crushing your to-dos, saving up to 20 minutes per completed task.


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