Wingman integration

Transcribe and analyze calls for sales coaching with the help of an AI sales assistant.

    Analyze call recordings to coach your sales reps.

    • Analyze call recordings to coach your sales reps.


    Wingman is a real-time sales coaching platform and AI sales assistant that gives sales reps the right information at the right time, while they are on a call with the customer.

    Integrating Aircall with Wingman automatically brings in recordings from Wingman to be transcribed, analyzed and made available for coaching.

    Real-time coaching for reps to help them close more

    Wingman helps sales reps in real-time with content and feedback like:

    Encourage shorter monologues
    How best to handle a customer objection
    Best differentiators to talk against a competitor
    Most relevant customer stories to discuss
    Details about product features and their benefits

    Note-taking made easier

    Wingman helps sales reps capture important moments during a call with one-click. Sales reps can share the moments with team members, ask managers for feedback. Better interaction for the team and better follow-ups for the prospects. Everyone's a winner!

    Turn all your reps into best performers

    With Wingman dashboard managers can identify patterns across sales conversations. With call transcripts and analytics, they can quickly search through calls or apply advanced filters to drill down to coachable moments in calls. They can leave comments on specific moments in the call for reps for reference and feedback

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