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Connect Aircall and Toucan Toco to monitor your team’s call performance and KPIs. Quickly deliver data & insights to all your organization within a few clicks thanks to a powerful data storytelling platform.

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Toucan Toco
Clear, guided, clutter-free Data Storytelling
Clear, guided, clutter-free Data Storytelling
Display all of your main KPIs at a glance
Build once, deploy anywhere: empower your team on all your existing devices (desktop, mobile, tablet, datawall, PDF...)
Spread the power of decision making: your dashboard is made for action and collaboration.

Toucan is a powerful Data Communication Software. We help organizations to share insightful information through digital apps with an ideal user experience. Our solution is easy to use and accessible to all employees.

Toucan Toco + Aircall

Deliver data & insights to all your organization within a few clicks thanks to a powerful data storytelling platform.

With this free app (15-day trial) you can monitor your calls performance and KPIs over the last 6 months, perform related analyses in less than 5 minutes and share actionable insights with your teams. Your Aircall data will be integrated into Toucan Toco in just a few clicks!

You will get an overview of all your activity that you can easily filter or breakdown by teams, members or tags. You will answer key business questions like “How many calls do I need to transform a MQL into a QSO? ” or “What is the most efficient time slot to reach a prospect?”

Key Benefits

Our application is designed for simplicity. You will have an intuitive access to the right information you need to manage your business efficiently. You don't need any training before being able to use it and share your insights.

Toucan is a data media made for action: you can easily share your insights and push your teams to take action with comments, recommendations and collaborative features to annotate screens, share information directly through the platform, or export data in a few clicks.

You can share your insights on any device: desktop, mobile, tablet, datawall or PDF… No need for extra development, everything is integrated into the application.

Hear what customers say

"We designed this application according to our business analytics needs. This application helps me to monitor my team's performance on a daily basis. I can easily compare the performances of different stakeholders, quickly identify areas for improvement, and most importantly, share best practices. The app allows me to give meaning to the tags that are integrated into my Aircall tool: it becomes very easy to identify the most effective strategies. This dashboard helps me to make decisions on a daily basis, it is accessible in a few clicks and I can conduct my analyses in a few minutes."

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