Connect Aircall and amoCRM to manage call activity in one place. With the Aircall CTI, make and receive phone calls from amoCRM.

Use the Aircall phone from amoCRM

The Aircall phone is natively integrated to amoCRM, making it easy for your reps to make and receive a phone call from the tool they use all day. Prevent your team from switching between apps and help them focus on closing deals.


Clicking on a phone number in amoCRM will open the Aircall app, making the outbound calling experience as seamless as possible.

Log call activity in amoCRM

Every call made with Aircall is logged under the lead’s profile in amoCRM. Keep track of everything that happened with the lead. The date, time, type of call, duration, participants and recording are automatically added to the lead events after a phone call.

Once a call is finished, it’s you can set the Call Result in amoCRM and add extra comment before it logs under the lead profile.

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