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HappyFox BI

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    Create custom call center dashboards and reports using HappyFox BI.

    • Create custom call center dashboards and reports using HappyFox BI.
    • Create reports and dashboards that incorporate Aircall data and data from other sources.
    • Measure your call center with your own indicators with a powerful visualization builder.


    HappyFox Inc., headquartered in Irvine, California, develops a suite of customer support solutions – an enterprise-grade help desk, live chat, chatbot, workflow automation, and BI software.HappyFox serves over 12,000 companies in over 70 countries across education, media, e-commerce, retail, IT, manufacturing, government, and many other verticals.

    HappyFox BI + Aircall

    Build advanced dashboards and reports and get greater insight into call center performance by integrating Aircall with Happyfox BI. Create your own drill-downs to deep-dive into call center data. Choose the visualizations you like and share it with the people who can make a difference.

    Key Benefits

    Build your own Reports and Dashboards

    Choose from over 250+ ready to use visualizations to craft interactive widgets based on all call center data, including call logs, contacts, and many more.

    Mix and Match Data

    Run analytics and dashboards in HappyFox BI that incorporate data from Aircall and from other sources like HappyFox Helpdesk, Salesforce, etc.

    Find Answers to Vital Questions

    Track your own KPIs and visualize them with different charts. Set benchmarks, evaluate your performance, and make timely decisions.

    Greater Visibility and Control

    With HappyFox BI you can share your reports with your team and collaborators, even those who don’t have an Aircall account.

    Trusted by 5,000+ companies