Becoming a ‘true growth partner’ with Kavak, Mexico’s unicorn

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How do you revolutionise one of the last century’s most prominent industries?

That’s the challenge Kavak, the scale-up based in Mexico that is shifting the paradigm around used car sales, set themselves when they formed back in 2016. Fast-forward today and their model – enabling customers to purchase used cars on finance – has caught the attention of Softbank, securing Series B investment and causing the world to take Latin American innovation seriously in the process.

Angela Del Duca, who heads up the company’s customer experience and telesales teams, believes that, once you’ve identified an industry ready for disruption, the easiest place to start is to find efficiencies. The business has used Aircall as an integral factor in its journey so far; as Kavak continues to grow, the next few months are the most crucial. Here’s the view from the ground.

Forging strong customer relationships with empathy

Kavak’s commercial operations are relatively straightforward, with the most common workflows centring around inbound customer service and a telesales team typically acting on triggers from their online channels.

When potential customers register interest on Kavak’s used cars sales platform, or request a call back, the team springs into life. The quicker you engage, Del Duca believes, the more willing people are to talk to you – and this is where voice, rather than web chat, comes into its own.

“Realistically, you only buy a car once or twice in your lifetime; it’s an important decision, and one people take a lot of care over. At Kavak, we’re committed to accompanying customers through their journey – and that starts at the first point of engagement.”

Voice as a platform to build from

Whether it’s the first engagement or a final check in months after a customer has purchased, Kavak places voice as the key pillar of its communication strategy. Del Duca realised early on that for the team to continue surpassing response and sales targets, the business needed a system that could support her team wherever they were.

With staff on the move throughout Mexico, she identified three key areas such a system would need to accommodate: simplicity – both to implement and for day-to-day use – reliability and mobile compatibility. Aircall supported all three.

“We needed a phone system that was easy to use, as well as being flexible enough to support our teams as they continued to grow”, says Del Duca. “That’s one of the main reasons we chose Aircall”.

Being able to create numbers for different countries and areas in a single click and easily change the number agents call from was a key factor, too. With her customer service team based in Mexico and customers present all through the country, this was a very important feature for Angela. In fact, many Mexican customers are wary of receiving calls from different cities or areas - Aircall eliminated this issue completely.

Scaling and optimizing business processes

Constantly on the move, the telesales team began to utilise Aircall’s mobile app to ensure performance could be maintained wherever they were – something that became even more crucial as Mexico introduced measures as the COVID-19 outbreak reached the country.

In spite of this, Kavak was still looking ahead, and concentrating on maintaining its rapid growth levels. At the time they began working with Aircall, the business hadn’t started using a CRM – but the ability to integrate with one was integral to the companies working together.

“We knew we’d adopt a CRM some day”, Del Duca says, “and I loved that so many integrations were already available with Aircall. From there, I was immediately convinced of how valuable a partner the company was going to be in our growth journey”.

Kavak has also taken advantage of Aircall’s API to build their own Analytics dashboards, which are critical for tracking the teams’ activity, especially in telesales. This allowed Del Duca to set success KPIs such as number of calls per day, time spent on calls, and quality of interactions thanks to the call tagging feature.

“It took our developers no time to build dashboards with Aircall data in our own reporting tool, Tableau. The API documentation is really well written.”

A true growth partner

As the business approaches Q1 2021, Kavak is ready to start using a CRM, with Salesforce lined up for both sales and support organisations from January next year. Combined with Aircalls analytics capabilities, it will provide the business with far greater control over its data across both sides of the business – and a better understanding of where new efficiencies can be exposed.

Del Duca believes “this new development will help us take Kavak’s commercial operations to the next level. I appreciate how closely Aircall has partnered with us on this journey so far – not only do I love the product, but I love Aircall’s team as well. I look forward to taking our collaboration to the next level next year”.

She had a final message for other high-growth companies, too:

“If you’re going through a digitalisation process, it’s crucial you find solutions that are tailored to your company. That way, they can scale with you. It really is that simple”.

It’s time for your business to increase productivity like Kavak.

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