How Phorest Uses Aircall to Boost Flexibility and Productivity

How Phorest Uses Aircall to Boost Flexibility and Productivity



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    As a Dublin-based international salon software company, Phorest provides service solutions for hairdressers, spas, and beauty salons. It has offices around Europe and the U.S. and serves more than 10,000 companies across 10 countries. 

    Phorest’s software solutions cover every business aspect for salon owners, making it easy for them to manage everything from appointments and stock to reporting and staff rotas—all from one single platform. 

    To discover how Aircall has transformed the way Phorest operates, we sat down with Emmett Maher, Senior IT Coordinator at Phorest. 

    Call Volumes Causing Efficiency Challenges

    Phorest provides an all-in-one solution that’s critical to the smooth running of a salon, including everyday requirements such as online booking, staff management, and POS software. It also provides other features including client management, SMS and email solutions, and marketing. 

    With many reasons for customers to get in touch, Phorest must ensure that customers are directed to the right person the first time around. 

    Before using Aircall, Phorest had a team of people on hand to answer calls and distribute them to the most suitable agents, but this required time and office space and was a drain on the team’s productivity.

    Emmett explains, “With our previous provider, we were a lot more manual. We had a physical reception with a team of people who would take the calls and manually distribute them to the correct team based on the customers’ needs.” 

    Introducing Greater Flexibility

    More flexibility is the number one reason Phorest switched to Aircall. Features such as Call Routing and Call Queuing deliver a reliable, dependable, and comprehensive customer service experience. This means that when it comes to customer service, agents can work more flexibly and efficiently without any compromise. 

    “Since we got Aircall, we switched to an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system, which helped us to automate the process and free up those staff members to do other tasks,” Emmett explains. “Aircall gave us the ability to let people move around the office with a laptop and headset and not be tied to their desk.” 

    Embracing the Latest Features

    Delegating call routing and other administrative tasks to Aircall has transformed the way Phorest operates, helping employees focus on bigger and more business-critical tasks, but flexibility is really just the tip of the iceberg.

    Phorest has also embraced more advanced Aircall features, including analytics and performance tracking. This helps the business keep track of how it’s performing, with analytics on customer calls highlighting where Phorest is performing strongly, along with areas that are ripe for improvement.  

    “New features from Aircall, such as the reporting feature, helped us gain insight into how we’re interacting with our clients, and that’s something we’re always looking to improve,” Emmett says. 

    Aircall’s features are ever-evolving, and AI features like Call Transcription can even help when it comes to training employees. With calls transcribed automatically, Phorest has access to real-world examples of how their calls with customers went without the need for agents to spend hours listening back to or writing up calls. That makes it easier than ever to learn from previous experiences. 

    Becoming Number One

    Together, Aircall helps Phorest become more efficient as it works towards its goal of becoming the dominant software solution in the salon industry. 

    Embracing the latest features and technology will make a huge difference over the coming years for Phorest, with AI also helping teams improve performance through the likes of transcription, analytics, and employee training—all tasks that can help Phorest provide better customer service and drive business success.   

    “Phorest’s goal over the next couple of years is to become the number-one salon software in the world, to help our clients get more customers through the door, and to grow their businesses,” Emmett concludes. “Aircall can help us to achieve that.” 

    To find out how Aircall can help your business achieve its goals, schedule a demo or sign up for a free trial today.