How Aircall Helped Subsync Centralize Support and Sales

How Aircall Helped Subsync Centralize Support and Sales



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Fitness enthusiasts have never had it better. From powerlifting to pilates, any type of workout is just a few swipes and clicks away.

This exercise explosion has created a veritable army of instructors who work busy, and often chaotic, schedules. Submitting substitution requests and class changes is an industry wide pain point.

To keep everyone in a yoga-like state of zen, California-based Subsync created a mobile app for fitness studios that helps staff and instructors effortlessly manage class logistics.

Aircall Replaces Effort With Automation

Subsync works with independent studios as well as national franchises, like Tru Fusion, but taking on new clients started presenting a challenge given their small team size.

With only three people in sales and two in support, Subsync’s cell-phone-based communication scheme was chaotic, and logging key information was a manual process.

Laura Hinojosa, an Account Executive, needed a solution that would let both sales and support scale effortlessly, which is why she chose Aircall as Subsync’s new phone system.

“Our team sat down with a whiteboard and mapped out all the pros and cons of different solutions. Given our CRM, chat, and phone requirements, we landed on Aircall because of it’s integration and automation capabilities.”

Subsync uses Re:amaze for their helpdesk, Pipedrive as their CRM, and Intercom for live chat, all of which integrate well with Aircall.

Incoming support and sales phone calls are now easily separated and routed to the correct representative . Eliminating manual labor and having greater visibility across all communication channels has let Subsync run more efficiently and spend more time focusing on growing the business.

“Because we have such a small team, finding platforms that do the heavy lifting for us was one of the most important things. Bringing on major companies like Tru Fusion — we really need things to be automated.”

Introducing so many new tools at once had the potential to disrupt operations further, but as Laura explains,

“Aircall is simple. The layout and everything makes it so easy to use and really easy to set up. I loved the ability to record the greetings one by one and upload them. That was awesome… And the notifications! I have two phones, two computers and a tablet — getting email alerts [on all devices] is very helpful because I know I'm not missing anything.”

Using Context, Subsync Delivers High Quality Customer Support

Using the Pipedrive integration, Subsync can get detailed info on incoming sales calls, but this context is important for support operations as well.

Laura really likes Re:amaze because its an omni-channel helpdesk and ideal for small businesses with many contact methods.

Subsync uses Re:amaze’s tags feature to help manage conversations in an organized and accessible way.

“We want to reach out to customers and find a solution as quickly as possible… Making sure the conversation ends up in the right place so that we're aware of every single inquiry — Re:amaze makes that easier for us.”

As Subsync becomes more efficient, they don’t have to sacrifice their customers’ happiness in order to grow the business. Plus, they can scale without having to increase overhead.

“We're doing our best so that everything is self-sufficient in the long run.”

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