How Aircall helped Wallbox perfect their Sales process

How Aircall helped Wallbox perfect their Sales process



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Improving processes to gather metrics and increase performance is a goal shared by many companies - if not all. And Wallbox is no exception. Founded 5 years ago by a former Tesla engineer seeking to revolutionize the EV charging industry , their mission has always been the same: changing the way the world uses energy. The company develops, manufactures, and distributes innovative smart charging systems for electric cars that combine powerful performance with user-friendly design.

To sustain their ambition, Wallbox has a Sales team that covers various channels across Europe, China, and the US--from homeowners and businesses looking to install chargers on site to distributors and resellers wanting to modernize their offering. As the company started growing, it became clear that Wallbox needed to streamline their processes.

Oscar Lainz, Commercial Strategy and Operations Analyst, shared with us how Aircall has helped them reach their goal: to build seamless processes and advanced data monitoring capacities through a reliable business phone system integrated to their CRM.

Building a squad of Sales experts with Aircall

The priority was to integrate Aircall to Salesforce for the Sales team to solve their main pain points. As the SDRs are the ones building the pipeline for the Account Executives, Wallbox wanted to have all prospect and customer information in one single place.

“All the business intelligence was on different excel files or our previous CRM. As our team grew, it was becoming harder and harder to find information. With Aircall, we are able to keep all the business intelligence in one place regardless of the salesperson”.

At the time, Wallbox was considering other cloud phone solutions as well, but Oscar Lainz knew Aircall from his former company and knew it would be a perfect match. After participating in just a couple of demos, management agreed that Aircall was the right solution for Wallbox.

“I had already used Aircall as an Account Manager prior to Wallbox, and found it so easy and intuitive for the user, yet very effective.”

According to Oscar Lainz, Aircall played a large part in Wallbox’s success because most of the contact with potential and existing customers, for both Sales and Support, is made by phone. From the Power Dialer to the click to call, the many sales related features of Aircall have greatly improved efficiency at Wallbox.

“What our Customer service team loves about Aircall is that they can transfer all the Sales calls they get to the proper team in just a click.”

Just the right tools to go international

Not only did Aircall enhance the daily performance of the Sales team, it also helped Wallbox to go international. Indeed, being limited to Spanish numbers was another serious obstacle for the Sales team.

“Having a Spanish number to operate all over the world wasn’t the most efficient thing. If you call a customer outside of Spain with a number starting from +34, the sale is unlikely to happen.”

With Aircall, Wallbox was able to create local numbers for all the countries they target in a few minutes directly from their dashboard and with no IT intervention needed. It is no surprise they were able to reach a better penetration as a result.

From mobile phones to top-notch cloud based solution

Prior to Aircall, Wallbox teams were using plain mobile phones. Even if the Sales team was much smaller back then, mobile phones didn’t allow them to track call activity or measure productivity - a serious impediment to performance improvement.

“We were completely blind. All the business intelligence was on their excels or in their heads. We can’t improve if we’re not sharing and tracking insights.”

And Aircall came at the perfect time for Wallbox: as Covid-19 hit and everyone was to be sheltered-in, their Sales team could carry on with their tasks seamlessly.

“Especially now during the pandemic, in which we found ourselves in a situation where everyone had to work from home, a manager needs to rely on his team and needs to know how they are performing.”

For the Sales team, Aircall was a serious improvement in their day to day routine: what they found most useful was the call monitoring feature as well as the ability to see them in Salesforce without having to switch between tools.

“Keeping track of the leads our sales team called in Salesforce really made a difference for us. We use both Salesforce tasks and Aircall to keep track of what happened with the clients. It’s all there”.

Scaling a team in times of crisis

Thanks to Aircall’s business phone solution, Wallbox was able to scale their Sales team from 8 to no less than 50 people. And when Wallbox managers saw how efficient and easy Aircall’s solution was, they quickly sought to extend its use to other teams in the organization.

“When it comes to the tools we use on a daily basis, the simpler the better. Aircall is so easy and intuitive for the users and has proven to be very efficient.”

That’s how the Customer Service team ended up using it as well, with a full onboarding done in less than a week - and in the middle of a global health crisis! All this was possible thanks to Aircall’s many user-friendly features, such as the creation of numbers and teams directly from the dashboard that are operational within minutes.

“Aircall was very helpful during the pandemic because we were able to continue to offer secure, top notch service. If we hadn’t switched to Aircall, we wouldn’t have been able to do that because the Customer Service team used phones from the office.”

To learn more about Wallbox and their suite of smart electric vehicle charging solutions, visit wallbox.com.

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