Emplifi Works Smarter (Not Harder) With Aircall

Emplifi Works Smarter (Not Harder) With Aircall



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Whether you’re wondering what is the best time to make a social media post or trying to find the right influencer, Emplifi helps brands enhance the quality of their marketing and deliver measurable results on social media investments.

Emplifi is a leading unified marketing platform to thousands of enterprise brands and SMBs. They specialize in optimizing the entire social media marketing funnel — from driving campaign strategy to personalized content creation and actionable AI-powered audience insights.

With offices spanning from New York to Singapore to Prague, Emplifi is a global leader in social media marketing.

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Emplifi was founded in 2020 following the acquisition of social media analytics company Socialbakers by customer experience platform provider Astute. Since then, Emplifi has continued to scale, reaching unicorn status in early 2022..

When Socialbakers adopted Aircall, prior to the founding of Emplifi, this was primarily due to the need to have a phone system that would be just as innovative and quality-focused as the company’s own platform. Socialbakers were using a combination of Skype and a local VoIP provider that resulted in a high number of dropped calls, and the need to manually log data. When Socialbakers turned to Aircall, they found a solution that they knew they could rely on to perform at 100%, 100% of the time. Plus, Aircall had a seamless and quality integration with Salesforce, their CRM, eliminating the need to manually enter calls and call data.

Today, at Emplifi, these strengths hold true. As David Grube, Director of Business Development at Emplifi, explains,

“I like using a phone system that’s so reliable that I don’t need to think about it very often - it just works. This means I can spend more time working directly with my team on more strategic projects.”

Optimizing performance through integrations

Beyond simply serving as a quality, reliable business phone system, Aircall adds real value to Emplifi as part of its multi-channel sales strategy.

“We take a multi-threaded approach to sales, with cold calling, email, LinkedIn, as well as other channels. The phone calls we make through Aircall form a really big pillar there.”

In executing this strategy, David’s sales team uses a number of different tools. While Salesforce serves as their CRM, Emplifi’s BDRs in fact spend most of their time working directly out of sales automation tool Outreach, moving through touch points such as social media messages, emails, and phone calls.

“We use Salesforce for our CRM, but Outreach is the main tool we’re using to engage with prospects. Then we use Aircall to connect with our prospects via telephone.”

For a company using a number of specialized tools like this, ensuring that each of these tools talk to each other is paramount. This is where Aircall’s powerful Salesforce and Outreach integrations come in.

Aircall numbers can be used to make calls direct from Outreach, or reps can make calls from within the Aircall app (on desktop and mobile). Calls are logged automatically, and reps can even set call dispositions without leaving Outreach. Aircall calls are also logged automatically in Salesforce, alongside any call notes, tags, and the call recording. This functionality gives David’s team crucial visibility over how leads are progressing through the sales pipeline.

“Our phone conversations show up in Account and Contact records on Salesforce, giving us a lot more visibility there. It puts all important data in one place, whether that’s in Salesforce and Outreach, so we don’t need to track down the information ourselves.”

Trending globally

With a global workforce, Emplifi needs to have a solution that scales easily. Aircall’s self-serve model lets Emplifi add new users and numbers instantly, which makes it easy to bring on employees in any office.

Additionally, access to local phone numbers has been particularly helpful for connecting with new clients. With Emplifi’s teams working across borders, being able to choose to call clients and prospects from a number local to them can be invaluable. Aircall users can create new numbers in 150+ countries in a matter of minutes, no matter which country they’re in, so they can get calling instantly.

Admins are also able to maintain visibility over all of their teams, even those working in other locations, thanks to Aircall’s live feed and reporting capabilities. Conversations can be managed and distinguished through the use of custom call tags, which can then be tracked in Aircall’s analytics dashboards alongside other core telephony metrics. Aircall’s tags and reporting capabilities can also be used in conjunction with our integrations, such as in building Salesforce dashboards that include key data from Aircall.

“The reporting aspect of Aircall definitely makes my life easier. It links so easily to the other tools that we’re reporting out of, I can see all of our calling data in one place.”

As Emplifi continues to grow, they’re changing the way businesses think about social media marketing, and with Aircall, they can operate even more effectively.

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