How The Right Tech Helps UNTUCKit Tailor Great Customer Experiences

How The Right Tech Helps UNTUCKit Tailor Great Customer Experiences



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Millions of men over the age of 30 are currently suffering from an embarrassing condition.

Perhaps you’ve already heard about it in a TV or radio ad.

We’re talking, of course, about the sloppily untucked dress shirt.

(Yes, that Casual Friday staple seen in offices around the country.)

Thankfully, one of Aircall’s New York City neighbors has emerged with a solution as simple as its name. UNTUCKit has perfected the classy-but-casual button-down by designing a shirt whose hemline falls at that exact right spot between belt and pocket.

In an industry usually driven more by fashion than function, the brand’s decision to focus on a practical customer problem has clearly struck a chord. The apparel startup has doubled its annual revenue every year since its founding and is now nearing 100 corporate employees.

But as popular as its flagship product has been, UNTUCKit knows it needs to find new ways of sustaining growth.

Shoes and shorts. Women and kids. Brick-and-mortar. These are just a few of the new terms being added to its business vocabulary.

Wherever the map leads, though, the brand will always depend on its customer experience to drive success.

Know Thy Kustomer

When Michael Vroom first joined UNTUCKit as Customer Service Director, the team was making do with a hodgepodge of different support tools. And while this setup may have been sufficient in the early days, he couldn’t shake the feeling that the company’s rapid growth would soon present new challenges.

We had stitched together solutions from a few different vendors along the way, but it was time to really solidify our operations with a smarter, more seamless tech stack, Vroom explained.

First, he wanted to give employees a more connected view of customer activity. Kustomer, another growing New York brand, was chosen to be that centralizing force. The customer service platform now helps UNTUCKit tie together everything from payment history to support chats. Plus, it’s a flexible solution that will grow with the team.

Phone a Friend

Tolerating a glitchy phone system suddenly made even less sense in light of the team’s sleek new support platform. UNTUCKit soon partnered with Aircall after searching for voice solutions in a very logical location: Kustomer’s integration marketplace.

Working around an unreliable phone system used to add a lot of unnecessary stress to our day,” admitted Tyler Pircio, an UNTUCKit Customer Service Professional. “The transition to Aircall was easy, and most importantly for me, it helped bring our focus back to the customer — where it should be.

Reliability is only one part of the story, however. Aircall also took advantage of its local roots and provided live onboarding sessions at UNTUCKit’s NYC headquarters. And as the team grew even more confident with the Kustomer + Aircall integration, customers started taking notice as well.

Changing the Conversation

Everyone on the UNTUCKit customer service team understands that first call resolution is their most important objective. They need to provide an experience that feels even easier than walking through a retail storefront.

Today, they start every call with a clear idea of where the conversation may be heading.

The most important thing I think Aircall gives our team is the ability to already know the customer before picking up the call,” noted Lauren Panken, UNTUCKit’s Operating Systems Manager. “Instead of digging through multiple systems trying to find clues, the right information is already there, helping us anticipate an issue before the customer even mentions it.

Once the call ends, call recordings are automatically synced back to Kustomer. This context not only makes it easier to personalize the next interaction with the customer, but it also gives Vroom an opportunity to review trends and adapt training accordingly.

We’re benchmarking well ahead of industry standards right now, but there’s always room for growth,” added Vroom. “Moving forward, I see aligning ourselves with vendors like Aircall that are constantly trying to improve their products as one smart way we can continue strengthening our service.

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