How CrowdProperty Builds Better Customer Relationships with Aircall

How CrowdProperty Builds Better Customer Relationships with Aircall



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Having been founded in 2013, CrowdProperty is one of the UK’s leading specialist property development lenders. The company has funded over £700m worth of property and agreed more than £400m of facilities—resulting in the creation of 3,000+ homes and enabling SME property professionals to help meet the rising demand for residential housing.

To understand how Aircall has helped CrowdProperty build stronger customer relationships, we spoke to Sarah Cooper, Head of Sales Operations, who has been focused on ensuring the tools they use set them up to deliver great customer experiences. 

Reinforcing Essential Customer Relationships 

CrowdProperty works directly with property developers, as well as helping brokers and intermediaries with solutions for their property developer clients. The business provides access to funding for residential and mixed-use developments, alongside hands-on support thanks to the 300+ years of industry expertise in the team. 

One of the company’s unique selling points is the speed, certainty, and transparency with which they’re able to secure loans for property developers while ensuring that rigorous checks, from surveys to financial assessments, are met. Sarah notes that to deliver on the promise of access to funds, building a close and trusting partnership with customers is crucial. 

“Phone calls are essential for building relationships in our business. From the initial conversation through to the acceptance of an offer, we need to be able to understand their needs and find solutions. We’re dealing with projects requiring funding in their millions that can make a difference in the future of these businesses and the individuals behind them—Aircall helps us to ensure we’re getting our approach right.” 

As CrowdProperty scaled, Sarah realised they needed a business phone solution that could both grow with the company and help forge those essential connections with customers, which led her to Aircall. 

Since implementing Aircall, call rates have grown dramatically, with the volume of outbound calls shooting up by 285% in total.  

Alongside building both the volume and quality of customer engagements, Aircall has also helped CrowdProperty create better employee experiences. With an intuitive setup on any device, Aircall has enabled the sales teams to embrace hybrid work. By using Aircall, wherever a member of the team is working, they still have access to all the features they need to be a great partner to customers. 

Improving Coaching and Onboarding for Teams

Understanding the customer journey and continuing to refine it is a key part of CrowdProperty’s approach. By using Aircall’s suite of coaching features, the team has been able to identify what’s working, share best practices, and onboard new team members effectively. 

“We’ve had a new team member recently join us, and with Aircall, we’ve been able to coach them easily from day one. Even when working in a hybrid setup, it’s easy to listen to call recordings to hear what’s working or where they might need a helping hand. And with call whispering, we can even listen in and share advice in real-time. It’s really helping them to build confidence,” comments Sarah. 

What’s more is that with AI-powered transcription, Sarah and the team can quickly skim over calls without needing to listen back to them in full or spend hours writing up notes manually. “If I’m in the office and I don’t have headphones or time to listen to a call, the automatic transcriptions are so convenient. I can quickly check out what took place and escalate action items just by reading it,” Sarah adds. 

Taking a Data-Based Approach to Sales  

With every customer having unique requirements, being able to keep track of interactions is key to delivering both a great experience and meeting CrowdProperty’s business goals. 

By using Aircall’s tagging features, they can easily share notes on contacts as well as clear action items. Alongside that, using Aircall’s analytics, Sarah and the team are able to take a data-driven approach to drive results. They can get a bird’s-eye view of activity and key metrics, like abandonment rates, call times, call volumes, and more. 

Access to these measurements has helped the organisation to drive results and manage its resourcing. “We know that, for our business, we usually want a call time of around six minutes for an outbound call to get all the information needed from a customer. If calls are falling short, we can see that in Aircall and then explore what’s taking place and take action to fix it,” explains Sarah. 

On top of that, CrowdProperty even changed their operating hours to better serve their customers thanks to insights from Aircall. They saw that a number of customers were calling around 8 a.m. when they didn’t open until 9 a.m. As a result, they shifted their operating hours to open earlier and boosted their answer rate from around 60% up to 97%

Meanwhile, by using the SMS functionality, they’ve also improved customer call-back rates, meaning fewer missed opportunities and more conversations that move the business forward. 

Integrating Aircall with Critical Business Tools 

While Aircall’s an essential part of the CrowdProperty team’s toolbox, it’s made even stronger by its integration with other key apps. At CrowdProperty, one of those other essentials has been HubSpot, which tracks key moments in the customer journey and enables the team to move deals through the sales pipeline. 

By integrating HubSpot and Aircall, the team can easily connect all their call information to the platform, meaning they can log calls and SMS information alongside HubSpot contacts, deals, and tickets. In turn, this makes it simpler to track all the essential information about deals in one place and to arm salespeople with the right context when connecting with customers. 

A Future of Stronger Customer Partnerships 

Overall, Aircall has transformed how CrowdProperty engages with their customers while creating a better experience for the teams hitting the phones. With transparency into calls taking place, clear reporting, and the ability to coach teams in best practices, CrowdProperty is able to help more property professionals move their initiatives forward with rapid access to the funding they need. 

For Sarah and the team, Aircall has delivered on four key priorities:

“We needed minimal downtime, great audio, intuitive features, and strong reporting tools. Aircall has exceeded expectations in all four areas. It’s been a game changer for us and our customers,” she concludes. 

As the business continues to scale, Aircall will continue acting as the foundation to build great customer relationships, in turn, helping property professionals get more spades in the ground. 

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