How Leafwell Supports Patients Everywhere With Aircall

How Leafwell Supports Patients Everywhere With Aircall



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Leafwell believes that cannabis is a versatile medicine that can be used to treat a variety of conditions. As medical and recreational legislation is changing across the United States and globally, Leafwell’s mission is to unlock the therapeutic potential of cannabis to help patients with a range of symptoms. To do so, its aim is to increase access, research, knowledge, and education about medical cannabis. 

At its heart, Leafwell is a telemedicine business—a key part of its work is in facilitating meetings between patients and providers to help them get certified to apply for a medical cannabis card. 

As a part of that work, Leafwell speaks with patients directly to understand their conditions and to advise them on relevant treatments and next steps. Given the need for that personal communication, meaningful voice connections play an essential part in Leafwell’s work. 

Aircall sat down with Diana Follette, Director of Patient Success, and Ruth Lemon, VP of Operations at Leafwell, to discuss how they’re using Aircall to forge relationships that better serve their patients. 

Discovering a solution that could scale as fast as the team

Before using Aircall, Leafwell had an alternative VoIP solution in place, but it lacked the scalability and robust features the organization needed. 

When Ruth first joined, the team was in single digits—but that was soon to change. Leafwell always had big ambitions and before long, the team was rapidly growing across the United States and had international expansion plans in the works. 

As the business hit a period of unprecedented growth, Ruth knew they had to upgrade their calling system: The support team had expanded from just three people to around 30, and the number of patients it was supporting skyrocketed from 10 to 20 per day to 400. And as Leafwell added new partners, as many as 500 potential new patients could start calling in a short period of time. 

“Once we started growing and we were entering new states, we knew we needed a calling solution that would enable us to harness that growth and provide support to every patient that needed it,” explains Ruth. 

Following due diligence, Ruth and the team settled on Aircall as the perfect solution. Compared to the tool they had been using, Aircall was more intuitive, simpler to scale, and had a robust set of features and integrations that could boost productivity for the support team. 

Driving faster resolutions with Aircall integrations  

For a brief period, the team at Leafwell experimented with using Zoom Phone as their calling solution. However, in just two weeks, they had swapped the whole team back to Aircall. 

The reason? Using Zoom Phone, time to resolution ballooned from around two minutes to eight minutes—meaning less productive agents, and fewer customers being able to connect. At the same time, Zoom Phone lacked a clear log of calls or real-time insight into connections, meaning leaders couldn’t gain visibility into the service they were providing. 

A key reason Aircall was able to deliver a more efficient service for Leafwell is its HubSpot integration, which automatically provides insight cards for every caller in the database. These showcase key information like the contact owner and the last time they were connected and can be clicked on to take the agent directly to related information in HubSpot. 

“When a new call starts, insight cards give you the information you need, and you can instantly follow a link directly to the HubSpot account. Zoom Phone lacked this ability, and our average call time shot up to eight minutes because people had to search for information manually. With Aircall, we cut that back to around two minutes—across a team of 30 making calls all day, that’s a fantastic boost to our efficiency,” says Diana. 

Nurturing local presence and accountable teams 

Beyond leaning on the HubSpot integration, there are also several built-in features that enable Leafwell’s growing team to deliver a memorable and meaningful service for patients. 

Local Numbers

Aircall makes it simple to create local numbers that are instantly recognizable to customers. In the U.S., Leafwell uses the feature to create local state numbers and found that these numbers receive a greater pickup rate than generic numbers—meaning more patients can be assisted on the first call. 

Given states often have different regulations in place around medical cannabis, having a recognizable number is the first evidence a customer sees to assure them Leafwell understands local nuances. 

Activity Feed

With Aircall’s dashboard and activity feed, the Leafwell team can track and manage all call activity in real-time. The dashboard provides all the information Diana’s team needs instantly, from inbound, outbound, and missed calls to a live snapshot of which agents are on calls and which are available. 

With this information, Diana can better direct customer queries while also tracking trends and performance across the team. And with all the information automatically recorded and available at any time, pulling a weekly or monthly report can be done in just a few clicks. 

Call Recording

Every time a member of the Leafwell team picks up the phone, Aircall automatically records audio. That means they always have a clear record of patient interactions, which can be used to resolve support issues, train new team members, and learn from—so that they can continuously improve the service they offer. Further, the team can easily add the recording to the call notes, so it’s always accessible on their call records. 

Call Tags

With dozens of support agents making calls and hundreds of patients to support, Leafwell’s team needed a simple way to keep clearly organized records. With Aircall, they can add custom tags to their calls that put every customer connection in context. Meanwhile, those tags sync with other key apps like HubSpot to save every agent time by reducing the need for manual updates across different tools. 

Building trust with patients through the power of voice 

Trust and connection are key when talking about sensitive issues like symptoms, so it might be unsurprising that phone calls are the primary way patients connect with Leafwell’s team. In fact, research shows that, overall, 61% of consumers prefer to speak to someone over the phone when they require assistance.

However, patients don’t only call to discuss symptoms but also to ask questions. Given ongoing changes to legislation and different state-by-state practices, many patients aren’t aware of the uses and availability of medical cannabis and need a knowledgeable support member to talk them through. On top of this, some patients also require assistance with navigating the systems and procedures related to applying for a medical cannabis card. 

To solve all these challenges and more, Leafwell uses Aircall as its cloud-based call center, empowering its team to rapidly and easily connect every caller with a specialist who can help. 

“Our team is all about quality, meaningful engagements with patients. Calls might be from people who are unsure about treatment, older patients who need help with online services, or people asking for advice about how medical cannabis can be used. Having a voice system in place to nurture those connections so we can walk every patient through their journey is essential to our values and our service,” says Diana. 

Helping patients everywhere access medical cannabis  

Looking ahead, Leafwell will continue to scale its offering, helping more patients understand the therapeutic benefits of medical cannabis and empowering them to access it. As they do so, Diana, Ruth, and the team will focus on using Aircall’s features to maximize time spent supporting patients and reduce the need for time-consuming manual work. 

With the support of their engaged account manager at Aircall, the team is confident that Aircall is the perfect solution to empower them to keep providing patients across the world with the support they need.  

“Our account manager at Aircall has been fantastic. It’s great to have someone to work with who can help us create new ideas for improving our service. He’s phenomenal, responsive, and always follows up with information and insights that help our business grow,” concludes Ruth.

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