How Bumpboxx Scales Customer Support With Aircall and Richpanel

How Bumpboxx Scales Customer Support With Aircall and Richpanel



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Bumpboxx combines the future of urban audio with nostalgic old-school style. Its line of products features classics like boomboxes and pagers, now upgraded with cutting-edge Bluetooth functionality. 

From the moment the company started in 2016, it experienced rapid growth. The market demonstrated a high demand for quality music gear in the style of yesteryear. This was positive news for Bumpboxx’s expansion, but it presented challenges for the company’s customer support team. 

The original Bumpboxx customer support team was made up of only four people led by HR Manager Christina Ebersole. As Bumpboxx’s customer base grew steadily, so did the pressure on Christina’s team. The team just wasn’t equipped with a telephony solution that empowered them to take on the sheer volume of daily customer requests that accompanied Bumpboxx’s success. 

Initially, Christina’s team used a hardware-based phone system to field customer requests. The outdated system couldn’t keep up with Bumpboxx’s rapid growth and evolving needs and, eventually, started to negatively impact team performance and customer satisfaction. 

This setup created a negative customer experience and became unsustainable for Christina’s team. The volume of incoming customer requests became overwhelming, and team morale took a dip. It became quite stressful for Christina’s team to know that they were coming into the office on Monday morning to inboxes overflowing with unanswered voice messages. 

No Voicemail Left Unanswered With The Aircall Softphone 

That’s where Aircall’s softphone stepped in and became a critical tool for the team. With Aircall, hundreds of unanswered voicemails became a thing of the past. Now, the support team can conveniently handle all customer requests from their cell phones, whether the message comes in via phone call, email, or social media. 

Christina also values her team being able to take calls from either their desktop or mobile phones to serve customers both in the office and on the go. Aircall lets customer-centric teams set out-of-office hours, awarding even more transparency to Bumpboxx customers and building a better customer experience. 

Aircall also empowered Christina’s team to monitor call activity, ultimately improving call outcomes. They could also track performance over time, which wasn’t possible with their previous hard phone system. Now, they can improve the quality and reach of their customer service and serve way more customers than before. 

Making a Better Call With Aircall and Richpanel 

Christina knew the solution to their challenges was to streamline work processes—not just to improve customer satisfaction but also to protect internal teams from the stress of unanswered customer requests. 

“The integration between Richpanel and Aircall allows us to work smarter not harder.”
— Christina Ebersole, Head of Human Resources at Bumpboxx

Christina and her team care a lot about creating positive customer experiences (and generating positive reviews in the process). To achieve this goal, the team knew that they had to deliver consistent messaging. This was especially important to Christina because customer requests often come in through multiple channels, including email, phone calls, and social media.

It’s key that the messaging remains consistent on every single channel of communication. The integration between Aircall and Richpanel helps deliver consistent messaging to the customer, which ultimately curates a better experience for them. 

How Bumpboxx Uses Call Whispering and Call Recording to Train Its Support Team 

As a team leader, Christina takes advantage of innovative Aircall features like call whispering and call recording to ensure that her team knows how best to support their customers. Call whispering also allows Christina to discreetly listen in on active calls and intervene if there is a particularly challenging customer on the line. 

“Especially for new hires, I can use call whispering to tell them to take a deep breath and pause. It helps us support our agents and prevent them from being flustered, which helps them learn and makes their job easier.”
— Christina Ebersole, Head of Human Resources at Bumpboxx

Not only does Aircall’s call whispering feature allow Christina to step in and guide employees through calls, but it also enables the team to present a united front and deliver consistent customer messaging. 

Plus, Aircall’s live feed and analytics tools take all the guesswork out of call activity. 

For example, if missed-call rates were higher than usual, Aircall allowed team leaders to drill down into the details for context. The issue may not be one of many missed calls but of a repeat caller who had already been answered. This insight became invaluable to accurately tracking call activity. 

Getting Everyone on the Same Page: Aircall and Richpanel 

Christina chose Aircall chiefly for its integrations with Richpanel and its built-in ease of use.

“Richpanel and Aircall are tools that feel like social media apps. They’re so easy to use, and our team finds them enjoyable to use.” 
— Christina Ebersole, Head of Human Resources at Bumpboxx

When a customer calls in through Richpanel, it doesn’t take long to switch to the next person in the queue. Aircall’s integration with Richpanel provides more transparency for Bumpboxx’s customers and fosters stronger teamwork within the organization. Specifically, Christina loves the transparency that Aircall can provide on her team’s performance. 

Christina and her team benefit from several of Richpanel’s caller insights features that come with note syncing. Aircall’s Live Feed, working together with Richpanel, gets everyone on the same page, optimizing teamwork and producing positive outcomes. This one impact alone created a lasting shift in the dynamic of the Bumpboxx team. 

“It’s like Richpanel and Aircall were made to go hand in hand.”
— Christina Ebersole, Head of Human Resources at Bumpboxx

Now, support teams can access the same dashboard and collaborate better on delivering overall customer satisfaction—it’s no longer about the first person to answer the phone. The Richpanel integration also means the team can upsell faster, personalize outreach, and improve retention. 

“With Aircall and Richpanel, everyone wins. The customer and our internal customer-facing teams.”
— Christina Ebersole, Head of Human Resources at Bumpboxx

Aircall worked in close collaboration with Richpanel to conduct an ideal partnership for Bumpboxx’s support team. Just as Bumpboxx updates old-school audio hardware with new-school tech, Aircall transforms the age-old practice of team-led customer communications with innovative features. 

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