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Trusted Health: Reimagining Healthcare Staffing with Aircall’s Cloud-Based Phone System

Trusted Health: Reimagining Healthcare Staffing with Aircall’s Cloud-Based Phone System



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As a healthcare technology platform, Trusted Health works to reimagine how healthcare staffing works by helping nurses find roles that align with their personal and professional goals. Beyond job placement, they also offer community events, résumé and continuing education services, and an exploration tool that provides salary insights and cost of living stats for each U.S. state.

Katie Gormas is a member of the Nurse Advocate Team, a team of 20 that works directly with nurses all over the country to help them find successful job placements and assist them with the hiring process.

Katie and her team primarily use Aircall for internal and external communication and onboarding, but having an integrated cloud-based phone system has helped them better serve the nurses they work with by offering a comprehensive omnichannel experience.

Leveraging Aircall’s Flexible Phone System

Flexibility is one of the main reasons Trusted Health turned to Aircall. Being able to access the mobile app when they’re on the go means there’s always someone available to manage their emergency line, talk nurses through contract details, share job offers, and more.

By using Aircall, the Trusted Health Nurse Advocate team is also able to easily switch between a wide variety of communication channels, including phone, email, and SMS.

“Aircall facilitates meaningful conversations with our nurses, in the method of communication that works best for them,” Katie says.

Call Recordings: Helping Team Members Grow

While call recording is a simple feature, it’s a powerful tool when it comes to onboarding and training team members.

Aircall’s Call Recording feature allows you to confirm call history and track conversation trends for training purposes, which ultimately helps Trusted Health’s Nurse Advocate Team create a positive experience for nurses who are looking for the right fit.

“Call recordings are invaluable because they allow us to onboard new teammates easily and improve our experience with nurse candidates moving forward,” Katie says.

Keeping the Trusted Health Team Connected with Integrations

Another way the Nurse Advocate Team stays connected is through Aircall’s App Marketplace.

The two tools they find the most value in? Aircall’s Front and Slack integrations.

Going back to their 24/7 emergency line, if a call comes in overnight, the call recording is automatically sent to a specific Slack channel so team members can access previous call notes and take it from there.

“Our Slack channel houses the call notes and allows other teammates to easily understand where the conversation left off and take the appropriate next steps. It keeps that line of communication open between the Nurse Advocate teams and the nurses we support, which is critical for our business,” Katie says.

Meanwhile, the Front integration is their key to accessing contact information and context for every call.

Reimagining Healthcare Staffing

Now that the Trusted Health Nurse Advocate Team is set up with Aircall, they can spend more time helping nurses find the best contract jobs across the U.S.

By leveraging Aircall’s business phone features, the team is able to track their performance, gain a deeper understanding of what their community needs, and get the most out of the business tools they’re already using.

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