How Plexus uses Aircall to Harness Data and Maximize Team Productivity

How Plexus uses Aircall to Harness Data and Maximize Team Productivity



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Founded in Australia in 2011, Plexus helps lawyers reclaim their passion for the field while reducing operational challenges for in-house legal teams and the broader business.

Whether they’re helping their customers automate contract management, boost productivity, or automate workflows, they’re redefining the value of legal services.

As a fast-growing LegalTech company, the team wanted to go beyond email communication and add a phone system to support their sales team as they grow and expand to new regions.

The first step? Finding an easy-to-use phone solution that would integrate with Salesforce and the rest of their tech stack.

Choosing a Voice-First Solution

Plexus wanted to invest in a product that prioritized telephony—not one that offered it as an afterthought, so Head of Growth Operations William Clarke turned to Aircall.

“We didn’t want to use one of our existing systems that had an add-on or dialer feature because we knew the product would be better from a company that is solely focused on bettering and investing in their dialer product.”

To dive into the benefits Plexus experienced from making the switch, let’s take a closer look at the features that were important to their growing business.

Unlocking a 360-Degree Customer View with Integrations

As Plexus was fine-tuning its strategy, it knew it had to pick a phone solution that maximizes efficiency for the long haul.

Plexus looked at Talkdesk, Dialpad, and RingCentral, but the simplicity and flexibility of Aircall’s product plus its integrations with 100+ business tools was the main deciding factor.

Beyond integrating with Salesforce, Plexus wanted to integrate Aircall with Outreach to manage the team’s call volume and tasks while also keeping track of critical customer information to gain a deeper understanding of prospect interactions.

“Since integrating calling into our sales process, our numbers have increased by 50% to 80%,” William says.

During or after each call, the rep can take notes straight from the Aircall app, which are automatically saved both within Aircall and Outreach itself. This smooth workflow enables the Plexus team to make up to 100 calls a day.

"There has been a 240% increase in call volume since the team paired Aircall’s extension with Outreach. Therefore, just based on this alone, it’s worth every dollar. The biggest win for me here isn’t necessarily the increase in call volume though. It’s about getting an accurate representation of where time is spent, which we couldn’t see before,” William says.

Working Seamlessly Anywhere

With team members around the world and across many different time zones (Plexus has employees in New York, London, Brisbane, and Melbourne, to name a few outposts), choosing Aircall made it possible to connect with and manage a dispersed and growing sales team with ease.

“As we grow and expand into new regions, we need to think about territory management. Aircall is a key part of that,” William says.

From collaborative call center features like International Numbers to Call Routing, when it comes to efficiently managing call volume, having a streamlined global distribution strategy is essential.

“We’re able to have a certain territory assigned to certain inbound and outbound numbers so we can distribute calls accordingly,” William says.

Not having to worry about costly call rates (not to mention setup and admin costs) and onboarding new team members allows the team to focus on what’s really important: further expanding their global presence and hitting their monthly and quarterly KPIs.

Monitoring Performance and Reaching KPIs

For the Plexus sales team, creating opportunities and scheduling meetings are key to reaching their business goals, so William can use Aircall’s Activity Feed to stay updated on how team members are doing.

“We monitor call length and call tags to help us understand the effort put in by individual team members. The only app we rely on to do that is Aircall,” William says.

Aircall’s productivity features help newcomers get up to speed while making sure seasoned employees have the resources they need to keep learning and improving their skill set.

And now that the Plexus team is able to take a closer look at team performance with call recordings and engagement metrics, they can understand their prospecting on a new level, setting benchmarks they can improve on as they continue to grow.

Prioritizing Efficient Growth

Now that the Plexus team has a tech stack that can enable their growth, they can focus on what really matters: creating value for their customers.

William knows that, no matter how their team evolves, they’re set up to scale quickly and adapt to their needs.

“The great thing about Aircall is that it’s essentially a two-click motion to change your entire team and re-organize a workflow,” William says.

Speak to a member of the Aircall team today to find out how adding voice to your tech stack can help you reach new customers, boost retention, and improve team performance.

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