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Annie Admin

Annie Admin Boosts Call Efficiency with Aircall, Slashing Missed Calls by 17%

Annie Admin Boosts Call Efficiency with Aircall, Slashing Missed Calls by 17%



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For trade clients across the United States, including HVAC professionals, roofers, plumbers, and landscapers, Annie Admin is a critical facilitator when it comes to reaching more customers more quickly. 

Erica Davis, Annie Admin’s founder and CEO, started the company in 2014 when she noticed a clear need for a modern way to help small businesses handle inbound calls; answer customer questions; and manage their CRM, data entry, and payment processing.

Founded in Dallas–Forth Worth, Texas, Annie Admin all started with desk phones that Erica and her team often held under their ears as they took notes—a solution that was far from sustainable. Pair that with a poor customer experience and tricky-to-navigate call recordings and analytics, and they needed a phone system that could keep up. 

“The phone is the most crucial part of our business and the most crucial part of our clients’ businesses because they're small local home service companies. So if you don't answer the phone, you don't book the job, and they don't get paid. It's a negative domino effect. Being able to answer calls for them grows their businesses by 50% to 60%, and being able to do it efficiently grows our business by 35% year over year.

Scaling Efficiently with Instant Number Creation & Call Recording

When Erica switched to Aircall, one of the first benefits she noticed was how quickly she could create new numbers as her team grew. 

“With our previous provider, there was a two-week turnaround process every time we needed to create a new number. These are all things that we thought were normal until we actually lost business because of how long it took to set up a phone line. And that's what really prompted me to go look for some type of other alternative,” Erica says. 

Beyond number creation, Erica also needed to make sure all calls were recorded and easily accessible.

“Prior to using Aircall, we had to manually choose to record each call, so if the team member forgot to hit record, we didn't have it, and then they'd have to call the person back to say, ‘I'm so sorry! I didn't write this down right.’ So it would make us look unprofessional. Now if there's an issue, we could just pull up the call recording,” Erica says. “It's really just being able to ensure that our team is doing what they're supposed to do and also that the service level is really high.” 

Leveraging Call & Voicemail Transcription

As the owner of Annie Admin, Erica just doesn’t have the time to listen to every call recording. Enter Aircall’s new call and voicemail transcription feature

"It's great because it spaces out the conversations and the pauses, and you know, what my team member said versus what the caller said, etc. So it makes it very easy to quickly see what happened, and then if I need to dive in deeper, I can listen to the call. But it's super helpful to see whether certain keywords were mentioned or if they offered to book the appointment. It's super helpful to be able to have that at my fingertips as an owner,” Erica says. 

Unlocking the Power of Data

During a quarterly check-in with her Aircall Success Manager, Erica discovered that without using the Aircall Analytics dashboard, she might be missing key data insights.

“The price increase was beyond worth it. I was instantly able to see a lot more data in detail than I could have ever imagined. The downside was that I found out some really alarming things that we had to quickly nip in the bud as an organization,” Erica says. “We quickly figured out who wasn't a good fit for our culture based on how they weren’t really performing or doing their role as they would report that they were, as well as who is just killing it and grabbing every single attempted ring.” 

She now uses analytics to keep track of ring attempts and looks at each representative’s percentage of answered calls. As a result, she’s been able to configure more strategic call routing rules and even figure out when she needs to hire more people. 

“I couldn't have had that information in accurate detail before. But we now know exactly when things are slammed. It just really gives you what you need if you're running any type of high–call volume environment,” Erica says. 

When her team’s missed call rate gets between 3% and 5%, she knows that means she needs to hire more people, and she can develop the new hire’s schedule based on the busy periods noted in the Aircall dashboard

Analytics also helps Erica prioritize what she calls her “Queen B job function”: answering the phone. 

“Missed calls are super time-sensitive because if it's 100 degrees here in Texas, someone's AC is out, and they go to Google and type in ‘HVAC near me’, and that call isn’t answered, they're not going to just wait and hope that you call them back. They're gonna hang up and call the next company,” Erica says. “The biggest complaint before was that calls weren't being answered quickly enough, so having Analytics Plus has been huge. The complaints and feedback are just nonexistent at this point.”

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