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Global Shares has simplicity at its core – and that’s why Aircall was a perfect match

Global Shares has simplicity at its core – and that’s why Aircall was a perfect match



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It’s not often that a company immediately finds a sales tool – or any kind of tool, for that matter – that aligns so closely to its business model.

For Global Shares, that’s exactly what happened. As experts in equity compensation and employee ownership, their mission statement has always been one around simplicity: making everything from tax compliance to financial reporting easy and accessible for those that need it.

Of course, simplicity as a core value is one thing, but maintaining that simplicity as the business scales is another entirely. Fortunately, that’s where Aircall comes in.

Freeing time to focus on what matters

When Jason Ring joined Global Shares as Global Head of Inside Sales, one of his main objectives was to streamline the sales process. Their current tech stack served a purpose, but didn’t provide the insights on things like productivity and analytics that Jason felt necessary to move the team forward.

“I spent a lot of my first six months troubleshooting issues manually. It became clear early on that I needed a tool that would give me a better visibility of the team’s productivity, rather than requiring such a hands-on approach.

“Our team structure is all about positive personal development; we do a lot internally with one-to-one mentoring and training sessions, but we were losing a lot of ground having to do a lot of the analytics and productivity assessments ourselves.”

Streamlining through integration

This is something that was personified by the number of different tools the company was using. For the team to really harness its growth potential, they needed to find a solution that did two things: bring a lot of the functions these tools offered under one roof, and to integrate their new system with the external platforms that shape their day-to-day processes.

“The market is a crowded one. Let’s say there are 50 different ‘inside sales’ tools, and 10 vendors for any product in the market. We needed to be able to integrate them with each other, or face losing much of our productivity as we switch between them.

“That’s where Aircall came in: the API plug-in and the huge integration capabilities are what really stood out. Now, we can multiply our output by 10.”

Simplicity is key

As we mentioned earlier, simplicity shapes the way Global Shares thinks and operates. So, when the team first came face-to-face with Aircall, there was one thing that immediately stood out.

“As soon as I saw it, I thought: this is really simple, straightforward and slick. You’ll find a lot of tools that claim to do what Aircall does, but in reality their technology can’t compete. Aircall not only has the tech capabilities, it’s also extremely easy to use.”

Unlocking new levels of transparency

From there, Jason and his team were able to hit the ground running. Another benefit that soon became apparent was an increased sense of transparency – both for individual team members, and the group as a whole. Everybody felt more accountable for their work, and were able to learn from each other, too:

“The first thing new starters do when they join is get access to the Aircall dashboard for a week. I explain that this is where the team gets all its key information from – like stats, or trends – and then we build from there. Everyone has full visibility of how the team works, what’s expected of them, and how best to achieve their productivity targets each week.

“Aircall also makes learning and collaboration so much easier. I can give a rep access to some calls, and they can go away and analyse them. This means we’re always refining our approach, and sharing techniques we feel can work for us. It’s particularly useful for new hires – I’d estimate it’s increased their ramp-up speed by around 40-50%”.

Striking the right balance between global and local

Now, more than ever, businesses are acutely aware of the need to feel plugged into their markets. We find ourselves in a world where we’re physically isolated, but digitally connected in a way we’ve never experienced before – and keeping international communication lines open is a vital part of how businesses like Global Shares can continue to move forward.

“Aircall isn’t just a tool that works for prospects in Germany, or in France. It gives us the flexibility to go after every market that we need to as we scale. Subtle details, like accessing a dedicated number for each market, have accelerated our processes immeasurably. Our UK reps now have UK numbers, for example – there’s no excuse for people ignoring their calls anymore.

“Our use of Aircall will evolve as our business does as we look to continue increasing revenue. It’s this flexibility that fills us with so much confidence.”

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