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How Swoop’s Data-Led Sales and Support Strategy Creates Standout Experiences

How Swoop’s Data-Led Sales and Support Strategy Creates Standout Experiences



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    For small businesses, the world of funding can be overwhelming. There are almost limitless options, from investments to grants, that can make it hard to understand the best financial route to take. 

    Swoop Funding recognised this issue and set out to help ambitious businesses across the globe turbocharge their growth with loans, equity and grants suited to their needs. With Swoop, business leaders can navigate the complex funding ecosystem and gain peace of mind on their financial position. 

    To understand how Swoop works with different small businesses and connects them to the funding they need, we spoke with Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer, Ciaran Burke. As well as offering a closer look at how Swoop used Aircall’s API to build a data-led approach to support and sales, he shared insights on how the organisation delivers a standout experience for customers and employees. 

    Building Closer Connections Through Voice

    Receiving funding is a momentous step for businesses. Swoop recognised that delivering a personal experience and close connections with their team would be essential for supporting customers on that journey. For those crucial moments they needed a voice solution to give the kind of hands-on guidance and reassurance customers expect as they reach their all-important funding milestones. 

    “We’re helping leaders access transformative funding for their businesses. When you’re dealing with those transactions that might be six or seven figures, it’s essential that you’re providing direct, personal support every step of the way—and voice is a vital part of that journey,” explains Ciaran. 

    At the same time, with over 100,000 potential customers in their database, Swoop needed to be able to manage calls efficiently and easily track engagement. That’s why they turned to Aircall as their business phone solution for both customer support and sales teams. With around 50 employees globally now using Aircall, Swoop can seamlessly support customers as they navigate different funding options, rapidly reach out to new sales leads and clearly log every interaction that takes place. 

    Using Data to Create a Better Approach to Sales and Support 

    With Aircall, Swoop’s team has access to a range of different analytics that make it simple to monitor the performance of their team and track progress toward KPIs. 

    Taking this ability to track data a step further, the team at Swoop have integrated Aircall’s API into their own custom CRM system (though for those who use them, Aircall also has ready-made integrations with platforms like HubSpot and Salesforce).

    Thanks to this integration, Swoop’s custom-made CRM pulls data directly from Aircall every single time a call is made—automatically tracking details like the number called, who made the call and other essential information, all without any need for manual input. 

    “Being able to integrate Aircall’s API directly with our system has driven an incredible level of efficiency. Everyone has instant visibility of activity without the need to manually log information, enabling us to learn from every call that takes place without slowing the team down,” adds Ciaran. 

    With all that information in one place, the team can easily see what’s working, and where adjustments to their approach need to be made—whether that’s reducing the length of outbound calls or increasing the number of customer connections being made each day. 

    Continuing to Evolve Sales and Support with Aircall

    Since day one, using Aircall has been an intuitive experience for the team at Swoop. The user-friendly interface means that adding new users and new numbers can be done in just a couple of clicks. Meanwhile, agents can be set up and ready to go with minimal training—meaning they have more time to help customers reach their funding goals. 

    Looking ahead, Swoop will continue to evolve their data-led approach to delivering great customer experiences.

    “We’ll look to add to the data we’re analysing around calls in the future—with the Aircall API, we have a huge amount of flexibility on what we can do, and we’re excited to see where else it can support our business,” says Ciaran. 

    In the meantime, with Aircall helping them nurture close connections with leaders, Swoop’s sales and support team will be empowering organisations around the world to turn their funding dreams into reality.