How Doorstead Saved 40% on Phone Costs by Switching to Aircall

How Doorstead Saved 40% on Phone Costs by Switching to Aircall



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PropTech startup Doorstead provides full-service property management for long-term rental properties and guarantees monthly rental income for landlords—even before a tenant is placed. 

Currently operating in California, Washington, and Massachusetts, the Doorstead team collaborates with property owners on everything from getting their homes and condos ready to rent to, marketing and listing properties, finding tenants and helping them move in, and managing the rental properties once a tenant has moved in. 

Ahead of their Series B funding round in the fall of 2022, Doorstead made the switch from Dialpad to Aircall. Now, more than six months in, we spoke to Jordan Disraeli, Doorstead’s Head of Sales Operations and Enablement, to check in on how the onboarding process went, the features his team relies on, and how Aircall’s Salesforce integration helps his team keep track of customer data. 

Why Doorstead Made the Right Call

Since Doorstead’s sales team spends a lot of their day-to-day fielding intro calls from homeowners, they needed a phone system that connected to the business tools they were already using and could easily track customer interactions from end to end. 

When it came down to it, Dialpad wasn’t able to give them the insights they needed. After a demo with Aircall, Jordan realized they’d be able to save 40% by making the switch, and that, plus our robust Salesforce integration, closed the deal. 

"Our previous provider had a great product, but it really just didn't play well with our other tools. So in terms of being a phone system, it did what we wanted, but we couldn't get the data we wanted," Jordan says. “We switched to Aircall because we saw an opportunity to optimize costs and wanted to learn more about how we're interacting with our customers via the phone—and a lot of the supplemental data for that lives in Salesforce. So the fact that Aircall has a really strong integration with Salesforce has been great for us.”

By being able to track customer interactions from the first intro call to finalizing the leasing contract with a tenant, Jordan and the Doorstead team have been able to provide a better experience for customers and streamline their sales process. 

“We're at the stage where we've found a clear product market fit, but we really just need to build a sales process that is as efficient as possible,” Jordan says. “So that really just comes down to consolidating everything, making sure things work happily together, and making sure we're measuring and optimizing the right things.”

The Cherry on Top: Reducing Admin With Features

Beyond managing their consistently high call volume and simplifying their workflows, the Doorstead team relies on Aircall’s industry-leading features, including business texting, call routing, and click-to-dial.

Business texting: Helping prospects navigate the sales journey

After the team conducts an intro call, they usually communicate with prospective landlords via text and email as they help them work through the home inspection phase, the renovation and repairs phase, and the leasing phase. 

“Many of our property owners have full-time jobs and busy lives outside of owning a rental property. We've found that texting is a really effective way to get in touch with our leads while they're at work,” Jordan says. “And before Aircall, we weren’t able to extract any data on connect rates for appointments, including how many times our AEs were dialing or texting our leads.”

Call center essentials: Ensuring there’s always someone on the line 

As you can tell, the Doorstead sales team spends a lot of time on the phone, so features like call routing and call conferencing are essential for increasing productivity and collaboration.

“I really like how easy it is to set up shared lines versus private lines. We're a really high-volume sales function, so by setting up basic call routing rules, we can decrease response time and do a better job at qualifying leads,” Jordan says. “Our SDR team is on a shared line, and then our AEs all have private lines so we can tailor the customer experience based on where they’re at in the sales process and what they need.”

Click-to-dial: Keeping track of prospect records 

Since many of the prospects the Doorstead team is working with own multiple properties, the sales team has to sift through multiple records with the same phone number. 

With Aircall’s click-to-dial feature, they can control where call activity in Salesforce goes based on which record they’re working on—without all the admin. 

“To have clean data, we really need full control over where that call activity is going, so the click-to-dial feature and automatic call activity, logging, and mapping make it so we can log all that data with no extra work for our sales team,” Jordan says. 

Looking Ahead: Increasing Collaboration with Aircall 

As Doorstead continues to expand across the U.S., the team wants to continue to build dedicated touchpoints throughout their sales process that feature Aircall’s phone solution. 

“We're looking to add two more calls to our onboarding process: One after we do the property evaluation and another after their property is ready to rent so we can explain the leasing process and keep the owner informed until they start earning guaranteed monthly rent,” Jordan says. 

Valerie Meyer, Doorstead’s VP of Growth, shares more about how Aircall will continue to drive Doorstead’s customer experience.

“Aircall enhances our customer interactions, giving us the data insights and seamless integrations to scale our business in a cost efficiency–focused environment. Aircall facilitates key touch points that build Doorstead’s relationships and facilitate effective communication with homeowners. The tool supports our growth and operating systems so we can provide a guaranteed rent product in a volatile market,” Valerie says.

If you’re ready to streamline your sales process and leverage Aircall’s industry-leading features and robust app marketplace, schedule a demo or sign up for a free trial today.