Call Conferencing

Hop in and out of conference calls with ease. Invite existing contacts and dial new ones in, anywhere, anytime. Bring together everyone you need to have a successful conversation with Aircall’s call conferencing feature.

Instant conference calls, anywhere

Connect a global team within seconds. With Aircall’s seamless conference calls, your team can collaborate with up to five participants per conversation. Add existing team members, dial in new numbers, and hold participants, in one easy-to-use interface.

Meet on-demand

Skip the access codes and share the simplicity of instant conference calls with inbound and outbound calls. Add, hold, or remove teammates, contacts, and external phone numbers on the fly.

Monitor call activity

Gain deeper insights from your conference calls by observing trends over time or track your team in real time. Aircall’s Live Feed displays all call activity directly in your admin dashboard.

Integrate with all your tools

All audio conferences calls are automatically synced into your CRM with a complete list of participants logged. Review full recordings, tags, and call comments, any time, on every conference call.

Hear it directly from our customers!

Thousands of companies trust Aircall's cloud-based conference call system to collaborate with team members from around the world.

“As soon as I saw it, I thought: this is really simple, straightforward and slick. You’ll find a lot of tools that claim to do what Aircall does, but in reality their technology can’t compete. Aircall not only has the tech capabilities, it’s also extremely easy to use.”

Trusted by 8,000+ companies


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