How Teamleader Focus and Teamleader Orbit Grew Off the Charts Using Aircall

How Teamleader Focus and Teamleader Orbit Grew Off the Charts Using Aircall



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Running a business and maintaining its success is challenging in today’s fast-moving landscape. You spend a good portion of your time just thinking of how to improve the efficiency and productivity of your team. At the same time, you’re also looking for ways to convince target audiences that your product has the best value.

And falling short on any of these fronts can seriously stunt your company’s growth.

According to, a whopping 70% of businesses fail in their first 10 years because of the following:

  • They don’t optimize conversion rates

  • They’re unable to create an effective sales funnel

  • They fail to implement proper business systems, such as CRMs

No one understands this better than business software firm Teamleader. That’s why it created a platform that made administration, work management, and sales easier.

Launched in 2012, Teamleader’s eponymous platform lets users sell, bill and organise their work directly from one tool. With it, you can keep better track of sales opportunities, automatically send invoices, and gain smarter insights on projects, revenue and cash flow.

Its pledge is to give its clients: “more business, less hassle.”

However, with its business growing at an outstandingly fast pace,Teamleader found that its systems could no longer meet its needs - particularly those of its sales team.

So how did Teamleader overcome these issues and grow into the powerhouse software company it is today? Let’s take a look at the secret to its success.

Seamless HubSpot Integration

What began as a small company in Belgium has grown exponentially into an international business with clients in France, Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Australia, and South America.

With its rapid global expansion, Teamleader knew that it couldn’t keep up with its growing needs if it continued to use cell phones for customer service and sales. It faced growing phone bills and a relatively limited choice of options for fielding calls from international clients, not to mention it was impossible to track the team’s call activity.

But after testing a few VoIP systems, Teamleader’s Inside Sales Manager, Naomi Egyaful, and her team were hesitant to try another. Most tools were difficult to use and couldn’t integrate with Hubspot—the team’s main CRM platform. Plus, learning how to use VoIP systems took too much time and significantly reduced her team’s efficiency.

Her team needed a tool that they could learn to use easily and that quickly integrates with Hubspot. That’s how they came to choose Aircall after considering a long list of possible alternatives.

Naomi explains:

“For our phone system, we didn’t want to have to build everything ourselves, so we looked into which tool had the best Hubspot integration. That’s why we went with Aircall.”

Aircall was both user-friendly and seamlessly integrated with Hubspot. In fact, when Teamleader held a company-wide training session for Aircall, even other departments who weren’t regularly using the phone understood how Aircall worked and could easily create numbers and make calls right away.

On top of that, Aircall made it easy for Teamleader to create international numbers as they grew. This immediately reduced the hesitancy that international clients experienced when receiving a call from an unknown number. It also allowed clients to call Teamleader without worrying about their phone bills skyrocketing.

We have a Dutch team who work with both Dutch and Belgian leads, and they have to switch to a local number, or else the person won’t pick up. Similarly, in Italy, we noticed that you have to call from a certain region or city.

A Helping Hand in the Pandemic

When the pandemic required businesses to work from home, the Aircall dashboard was an invaluable tool for Naomi to manage her team from afar. It allowed her to review call histories to see and correct any common mistakes being made by her team, and she was also able to listen in on calls and coach members on ways to improve their communication with customers and prospects.

Now, she can use call center analytics to see how many unanswered calls each sales executive has and quickly deduce why—is it because they were on another call? Or were they busy with other tasks? By looking at this data, she can also easily tell if she needs to hire more people for her team or improve her existing team’s training program.

I like that Aircall lets you view call histories and who is on a call so I can listen in whenever I need to. Particularly now a lot of our teams are working remotely, this makes it even easier to keep track of how new hires are working.

With Aircall, Teamleader was able to continue its operations as usual without facing the communication paralysis that many businesses experienced during the pandemic.

Partner in Continued Growth

Today, Teamleader’s sales team is ten times its original capacity and is set to grow further. With Aircall, Naomi is confident that her team can continue providing high-quality customer service even as her team expands.

Because Aircall collects every bit of relevant calling data and offers at-a-glance analytics, she can track every outbound and inbound call, better assess the quality of leads, and monitor her teams’ performance.

She can also conduct remote training sessions with new team members as she listens in and coaches them in real time.

Plus, with Teamleader now catering to both larger (Teamleader Orbit) and smaller (Teamleader Focus) companies, Aircall will be an invaluable tool in daily operations across all levels of sales and client engagement.

Aircall can create numbers for over 100 countries, cities, and regions to maximize pick-up rates. This is a much-needed feature for Teamleader as they work toward being the number one work management software in Europe.

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