How MyTutor Uses Aircall to Provide Friction-Free Customer Service at Scale

How MyTutor Uses Aircall to Provide Friction-Free Customer Service at Scale



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MyTutor is on a mission to provide life-changing tuition for all. The company’s online network supports pupils from all walks of life, with lessons tailored to the individual and their schedule. To date, it’s provided over a quarter of a million lessons, and results show that MyTutor pupils improve by an average of one whole grade in just 12 sessions.

MyTutor hasn’t taken its mission lightly. When education is such a vital part of life (the United Nations describes it as the basic building block of every society), the stakes are high.

To ensure every user is best able to focus on learning, MyTutor has transformed its approach to customer service, supercharging satisfaction as a result.

Delivering a great customer experience for learners everywhere

Rachel Scoffield leads customer success for MyTutor’s B2C users, empowering parents to find the right tutor for their child and book lessons.

For Rachel and the whole team at MyTutor, customer satisfaction is essential. Everyone knows the feeling when a big exam is coming up: the pressure is on, and you want to knuckle-down without any added stress. It’s Rachel and the team’s job to ensure students can be laser-focused on their learning without worrying about anything else.

“Education can be quite a high-anxiety activity for people. Particularly in the past couple of years, where we’ve seen so much disruption to the traditional model. For that reason, we really want our offering to be friction-free,” says Rachel.

With a focus on choice and delivering a seamless experience for learners, Rachel’s customer success team, alongside other customer-centric departments like operations and sales, offer their customers a range of contact options. Those include email, live chat, WhatsApp, and the phone—with the latter proving an especially essential and popular choice for consumers.

“Callers like the immediacy of a voice conversation. They like being able to talk to a real human and they like knowing that if their query is urgent, they’ll get a resolution straight away,” Rachel says.

Discovering how to streamline and scale customer satisfaction

For Rachel and other frontline teams, an ideal customer journey is a parent or a student joining the platform and rapidly being matched with their perfect tutor, who they can book lessons with. Meanwhile, the support team would be working alongside them, ready to provide speedy resolutions or answer any questions.

For the customer success team, one day-to-day common workflow is:

  • A customer calling to alter a booking

  • Customer success agents being able to identify the customer on their systems

  • And customer success agents rebooking, canceling a lesson, or contacting the tutor as needed

Before making the switch to Aircall, however, MyTutor faced challenges when it came to scaling their complex operational offering.

With thousands of learners and tutors (and multiple contact options), it could prove difficult to expedite support requests efficiently. The three steps above risked becoming convoluted when an agent received more complex requests to action. As a result, whether a customer could connect quickly with the right agent for their specific challenge wasn’t always guaranteed.

The teams needed a solution that would grow with them and steamline routing to avoid unnecessary delays to customer resolutions. Beyond faster connections however, they also sought the analytics firepower that could further feed their customer success growth.

“Being able to make data-driven decisions was really important for us. We wanted visibility that the choices we’re making are beneficial and commercially sound, and that they’re the right decisions for our end users and our internal teams,” Rachel says.

Enter Aircall’s powerful routing features and data-driven dashboard, which after swapping from their old system, have helped the MyTutor team unleash their vision for seamless customer success.

Achieving faster connections and data-driven improvements with Aircall

With Aircall, MyTutor has transformed its frontline customer success operations in several ways.

1. Streamlining the customer journey

With Aircall’s IVR, MyTutor has been able to rapidly classify callers according to their needs. When a customer calls, IVR enables them to guide themselves to the correct team in the company. And, as the organization evolves, IVR can be easily customized and updated, with options for multiple levels, hold music, and custom audio files.

By using IVR, MyTutor can help their learners faster and reduce the need for callbacks, meaning stronger CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) overall.

“The feature driving CSAT the most is the ability to route customers to the right team rapidly. Rather than an end user ringing up and getting one of 200 people who may or may not be the right person to help them, they can make a clear choice and get instant assistance on their specific query,” Rachel says.

2. Using call analytics to iterate and improve

Rachel and the team at MyTutor know that call center analytics are one of the key ingredients in the recipe for five-star customer service (and here at Aircall, we agree!).

For that reason, MyTutor has been using Aircall’s call center analytics to make it easy for teams to monitor performance, reflect on KPIs, and pinpoint where changes can be made to further delight customers.

Having visibility of customer interactions means more opportunities for the team to learn and evolve their approach—whether by measuring missed calls or tracking activity in real-time.

Not only has this meant they can improve their product by better pinpointing issues, but it also means they can keep the customer at the heart of every support decision while fine-tuning their overall approach as they scale.

“We want to be able to put data—and the customer-centricity of a support channel powered by data—at the very heart of our operational offering,” Rachel says.

3. Scaling their customer-focused teams

Teams focused on both inbound and outbound calls are heavy phone users at MyTutor, including customer success, operations, and sales teams. By using Aircall, the MyTutor team is able to add new members to those burgeoning teams in real-time, providing the organization with flexibility to serve more students and tutors as it grows.

Achieving the dream call center setup

From incremental changes based on analytical insights to streamlining the entire customer journey, Aircall has become an indispensable part of MyTutor’s customer toolkit.

And by serving customers via phone conversations quickly, it can ultimately help students and their families better focus on their learning, whether they’re immersed in classes ranging from Python Programming to Portuguese and from Computing to Classical Civilization.

Looking ahead, Rachel is excited about the prospect of optimizing that service, building on data-driven learnings to further improve the customer experience for callers.

Her advice for other fast-growing teams that want to deliver outstanding customer service? In short—don’t delay and don’t compromise.

“As operations managers or customer service managers, we can sometimes limit our creativity by saying, ‘Oh, I don’t think that’s actually possible.’ It’s important to instead approach your needs without blockers in mind. Be transparent and speak to Aircall about what your dream phone system would look like and let their expertise help you turn it into a reality,” Rachel says.

Ready to drive up customer satisfaction and make your dream phone solution a reality, too? Speak to a member of the Aircall team today.

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