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How Too Good To Go Improved Productivity and Performance by 50% With Aircall

How Too Good To Go Improved Productivity and Performance by 50% With Aircall



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Too Good To Go is on a mission to make sure that good food is eaten, not wasted. That’s why they built an app that connects customers to a marketplace where they can shop for perfectly good food that would otherwise have been thrown away.

At the heart of their mission is the recognition that effective global change can only happen when we collaborate. As of right now, Too Good To Go operates in seventeen countries in Europe and North America. Thousands of businesses and millions of users are united in their efforts to reduce food waste.

That’s a lot of people working together. But, to achieve this shared mission of eliminating food waste, Too Good To Go relies heavily on highly efficient and productive sales and support teams. They knew how important it was to their shared mission to find the right tools to enable their teams to be as productive as possible.

Before they discovered Aircall, Too Good To Go’s sales and support teams were not operating at peak efficiency. They were losing working time to manual data entry and personal time to client calls that came in outside of working hours. Too Good To Go knew that it was essential to team up with a cloud-based telephony partner that would help consistently elevate sales and support team productivity and performance - while ensuring customer needs could be satisfied within regular working hours.

Making the Move To Aircall and 1-Click Salesforce Integration

Safiya Cherifi is the Global Inbound Manager for Too Good To Go. Safiya’s role entails managing the inbound sales team and overseeing processes that help them to sell more effectively and work more productively.

Safiya joined Too Good To Go at a time of exponential growth. She saw how much time and effort was being wasted by outdated workflow management systems which weren’t scaling in line with the company’s expansion. Safiya was responsible for sourcing and implementing Aircall as a solution to the company’s pain points, quickly seeing the difference in the productivity and performance of her sales teams.

“[Aircall] was a no-brainer for us because it's linked to our mission, and it's also linked to the wellbeing of our agents. Now we can take good care of our team by giving them the right tools to fight food waste.“ - Safiya Cherifi, Global Inbound Manager for Too Good To Go

Fighting food waste is just one of the positive outcomes of the relationship between Too Good To Go and Aircall. Aircall also helped boost productivity and improve team training and performance with their Salesforce integration - something that was not possible before.

Salesforce and Aircall improve team performance with their insightful, automated reporting functionalities. Aircall’s Salesforce integration lets managers easily access data across all Salesforce Objects: leads, contacts, accounts, cases, tasks, and activities. The Aircall dashboard also displays the number of missed calls and total calls per person, alongside a number of other key metrics. This breadth of oversight allows team leaders to gain deeper insights from every call.

With this level of insight, leaders can quickly see which members of their team needs coaching on how to close deals, manage their time, or lead a conversation with a partner.

How Aircall Scaled Growth and Improved Team Productivity and Performance by 50%

Aircall eased four major pain points for Too Good To Go. These pain points were:

  1. Sales and support teams were manually logging call data into Salesforce, which was unnecessarily time-consuming

  2. Decentralized processes adopted during an intense period of growth became complicated to scale

  3. Customer-facing teams used their cell phones to communicate with clients which impacted employee work-life balance and contributed to a misalignment with Too Good To Go’s corporate values

  4. There was no means of monitoring customer-centric team performance

To help ease these pain points, Too Good To Go looked for a unified solution that could improve productivity and performance in their customer-centric teams. They went with Aircall because it offered a centralized solution with easy-to-use software, supportive coaching and monitoring tools, and, importantly, integration with Salesforce.

Solution 1: Salesforce integration

Too Good To Go uses Salesforce as its CRM, so Aircall’s one-click Salesforce integration was an immediate asset to their sales teams. Because Aircall automatically logs all calls in Salesforce (alongside any tags or notes made during the call), the sales teams were able to drastically reduce the number of manual tasks required following each call.

This was good news for sales agents and support reps, and for their managers too. When customer-facing teams were logging their data manually in Salesforce, Too Good To Go was left with an unreliable record of customer interactions. Such is the nature of human error. By automating this process with Aircall, the company was able to easily keep track of the conversations that they were having with their partners.

Aircall’s one-click Salesforce integration is simple to set up. Plus, Salesforce is just one of over 100 available integrations in Aircall’s leading app ecosystem. This ecosystem includes out-of-the-box integrations to all of the world’s most popular CRMs and work tools.

Solution 2: A scalable, centralized system

During the company’s rapid growth, Safiya knew that sourcing the right tools to support customer teams was essential. Too Good To Go needed the right CRM and telephony system to align global processes and make day-to-day operations as smooth as possible. That way, they would enable their teams to spend enough time on meaningful conversations with their partners and customers.

By implementing Aircall as their phone system, Too Good To Go was able to align customer-facing teams in 17 different countries with global KPIs. The result? A more unified, motivated, and productive global team network.

Team monitoring

From the company’s mission to the way they approach team productivity, it’s clear that care is a central company value for Too Good To Go. Safiya affirms that one of the reasons they chose Aircall was because it enabled the business to deliver its desired standard of care for employee engagement and job satisfaction.

“We know this means giving teams the right coaching tools to drive their performance. Having the right coaching also means that your agents are more productive, that your company is more profitable, and your people are more engaged.” - Safiya Cherifi, Global Inbound Manager for Too Good To Go

For this reason, Safiya’s team managers came to value Aircall’s monitoring tools and built-in dashboard. These features enabled them to monitor the performance of individuals and teams in real-time, and respond accordingly with targeted training and support. These were just some of the Aircall features that helped the company make a quantitative impact on the performance of their sales and support teams.

“We improved our performance and raised our KPIs when we decided to start tracking the activities of our salespeople, supporting them through the dashboard and creating tailored coaching for them. This helped us also to increase conversion rates by 10-15% on average.” - Safiya Cherifi, Global Inbound Manager for Too Good To Go

That’s not the only Aircall feature that became of high value to Too Good To Go customer teams.

“Something that our sales team likes is the Power Dialer. They can call a list of contacts one after the other, which helps streamline our sales process and has increased the number of calls one person makes in a day by 100%.” - Safiya Cherifi, Global Inbound Manager for Too Good To Go

In the beginning, only the inbound sales teams were using Aircall. After they reported the benefits of its ease of use and powerful features, more and more teams expressed an interest in learning how Aircall works. Now, multiple Too Good To Go teams—from accounts to customer success—use Aircall. As a result, productivity is up by 50% across all teams.

Aircall’s integration with Salesforce empowered Too Good To Go’s customer-facing teams to have better business conversations and to be more productive. This enables the company to continue its mission of eliminating food waste while Aircall eliminates inefficiencies. It’s an ideal partnership.

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