Using Salesforce Omnichannel and Aircall to structure Support efficiency

Using Salesforce Omnichannel and Aircall to structure Support efficiency


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Paying your bills is hard enough. The intricate balance of remembering dozens of due dates and passwords for online billing, while having to deal with security concerns of sharing your payment information across many different websites doesn’t make the process any easier. That’s why doxo created an easy and secure way to pay all your bills and manage due dates through a single account that also provides protections from late & overdraft fees and other protective services all in one place.

Seeking a true omni-channel experience

Over four-million users rely on doxo for direct payments to more than 65,000 companies. However, they started to outgrow their helpdesk ticketing system and its native dialer. Employees were struggling to keep up with inquiries coming through multiple channels and doxo was looking to manage all their customer communications in one place. Their solution was migrating to Salesforce and searching for a more powerful phone solution that could integrate with their new CRM.

After researching several VoIP providers, Jon Helin, doxo’s Director of Support & Business Operations, says that Aircall became the obvious choice: Aircall had an out-of-the-box integration, not just with Salesforce, but also with Salesforce Omnichannel, and was able to accommodate their unique Salesforce structure.

“There’s not a lot of telephony options that work with [Salesforce Object] Person Accounts. We went pretty far down the road with other vendors, but it wasn’t going to work. We needed an integration that would fit our set up.”

Customizing Salesforce to fit business requirements

Implementing Aircall and onboarding the teams was a breeze.

“We were able to get our IVRs and numbers setup and start taking calls within a few hours of turning on the system. The system was very easy to use and understand.”

On the other hand, customizing the pre-built Omnichannel integration was a bit more complicated. Aircall's Solution Engineering team helped doxo create a bespoke workflow to fit their business.

Aircall’s Salesforce integration eliminates manual data entry by automatically creating a new Account when a new customer or lead calls in. Keeping things organized, doxo uses Accounts and Contacts for the B2B side of their business, but uses Person Accounts for their B2C side. Because the majority of the incoming calls they receive are from the B2C side, doxo needed incoming calls to generate new Person Accounts instead. Aircall’s Solutions team utilized Salesforce’s Process Builder to launch a new flow, automatically deleting the default business Account and replacing it by triggering the creation of a new Person Account with the same phone number, and then assigning the call to the new Person Account.

With this revamped Aircall integration, doxo now easily manages data across all their Salesforce objects with a solution that fits their exact business requirements.

Centralizing the Support workflow

To save time, doxo agents make all their calls from within Salesforce without ever switching screens, thanks to Aircall’s natively integrated phone app which allows the Aircall phone to appear as a widget. Customer communications are centrally managed though Salesforce Omnichannel with email, voice and chat streams waiting in a queue.

The inquiries in the Omnichannel queue are weighted and distributed to agents based on a phone tree. Aircall automatically routes as agents’ Aircall status syncs with Omnichannel when agents pick up and hang up calls, allowing the team to take on cases only when they’re available, boosting team efficiency.

“The ease of managing and updating the call trees and ring groups has had one of the most positive impacts on our day-to-day.”

Regarding support volumen, doxo handles roughly 16,000 tickets a month — half of which are voice — and logs to Salesforce’s Case object. Every new inbound inquiry logs to a Case, or appends itself to an open Case if it's the same user emailing or dialing in.

“The integration just created a better customer experience that’s easy to manage.”

Aircall automatically syncs call data like notes, call recordings and related information on the Case in the activity stream. Helin notes that tracking caller history and the status of an open case is key, particularly when their B2B Sales team has to contact a new partner, or what they refer to as a ‘biller’. Cases are almost always related to one issue and associated with a consumer’s Person Account, but if they’re payment-related, they may also be associated with a biller’s Account.

Reporting on call quality results

To measure key metrics like time-in-queue, waiting, close rate, and time-available, doxo primarily uses Omnichannel’s analytics. They also linked Aircall data to their Salesforce dashboards to track call activity such as call duration and quality reviews to gain deeper insights across team activities.

“Aircall’s Salesforce integration has given us the ability to move to a real omni-channel experience. This greatly increased our ability to both manage our volume as it grows and better manage our agents and their time.”

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