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Long gone are the days of women in shoulder pads who commute in sneakers only to change into heels at the office. Yet women still face the footwear dilemma of style versus comfort nearly every day. That’s where Birdies excels: It’s the stylish flat that's secretly a slipper. Their signature shoe has seven layers of comfort technology, and they’ve been updating their inventory with new colors and silhouettes as their e-commerce business has skyrocketed.

Before Aircall, Phone Support Was Limited

Danielle Murphy, Manager of Customer Experience, has an all-encompassing role that covers everything from logistics to operations to — ultimately — managing the entire customer experience. Anticipating a spike in holiday sales last year, she needed a phone solution that could scale according to both seasonality and the growing business.

“Before Aircall, we would take calls on our cell phones. We didn’t have a dedicated customer service phone line, and as we were growing, we realized that this was a channel we really need to pursue.”

After some research on leading VoIP software options and a successful demo, Murphy decided that Aircall was the right solution.

“I liked the desktop notifications, and all the features were initially attractive. As our first phone system, it's been really good so far and helpful as the company scales.”

Since implementing Aircall, Birdies has built an in-house and remote support team, knowing they couldn’t thrive in peak seasons without additional coverage.

Discovering a Trusted Advisor

As they scaled their team, the training and specifics were left to Murphy, who was already pressed for time. For platform-specific knowledge, she asked if Aircall could assist in the onboarding process.

“They did some training with Aircall, which was super helpful. It was kind of a bandwidth situation at that point, and having the experts show them how to use the technology was very helpful.”

With additional support in place and a newfound voice solution, Birdies was positioned to manage the holiday rush.

Uncovering Insights Into Caller Behavior

Birdies implemented Aircall’s tagging feature, which helped them dig into some of the reasons customers were calling.

“Seeing trends in why people are calling in — for example, issues involving payment processing, or if we're getting a lot of tickets involving returns and exchange issues — prompts us to examine all our tickets across phone, email, and chat. We look for patterns and determine where we need to improve.”

In fact, Aircall helped Birdies find an inconsistency between their warehouse’s tracking info and Returnly, the platform they use to manage returns and exchanges.

“Our customers are literally our frontline. They bring issues to us if things aren't working correctly on their end. By tracking those patterns you can bring attention to issues much faster than you otherwise would.”

Integrating Tools

As a thriving e-commerce business, Birdies needed a way to centralize as much of their tech stack as possible. That’s why they use Aircall’s integration with Shopify to help manage customer orders.

“When the customer calls in using the same number they placed the order with, the order number pops up right away. That's super helpful for agents — to click into the Shopify page and see the full customer history.“

Finding Insights with Deeper Analytics

Aircall’s reporting features gave Birdies access to new data points to guide the business toward success.

“Knowing inbound and outbound call volume and call duration was really important. To get that was a whole new experience essentially.”

But as Birdies endured an incredibly busy peak season with a batch of new remote employees, Murphy realized that they would need deeper insights than what they were currently getting. Birdies realized that seeing data at the agent level, counting open tickets, and seeing call volume by hour and by day would be very helpful.

To remedy these gaps in analytics, Murphy reached out to her Aircall Customer Success Manager, Brandon, and brought the issues to his attention. Brandon was able to give her access to Aircall’s beta Analytics feature, which presented the granular data she was looking for.

The new Aircall analytics dashboard lets Birdies filter by a number of new fields, such as tags, phone lines, call dates, SLA, and call evolution. Access to a number of new, customizable dashboards enables a much stronger grasp of exactly what's going on in the organization.

As Birdies continues to scale upward, partnering with Aircall has allowed them to find a flexible solution that can keep pace.

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