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Baguette Atelier and its team have been perfecting the art of custom jewelry design since 1979. Whether you’re reimagining an heirloom piece or envisioning a brand new look, Baguette Atelier helps clients create memorable bespoke jewelry.

As a family-owned business, Baguette Atelier understands the importance of clear and direct voice communication, especially in today’s mobile-first culture.

“Being mobile-centric, being able to run everything on your phone, that’s important for a business. There were no softphones back then, so this is new for us.”

As a second-generation owner, Jason Reuben knows growing ecommerce businesses require simple solutions that scale.

“Your product is a strong fit for ecommerce-centric solutions — that's why we're at Aircall.”

Reuben also chose Aircall because of its intuitive design and ease of use.

“It's a straightforward product, everything's simple. You don't need a massive IT team to implement it correctly.”

Staying organized

With so many separate but interconnected teams — from consultative services to gemological appraisals — it’s important for Baguette Atelier to stay organized. Using Aircall’s intelligent call routing system helps direct calls to the right department and individual.

And because of their nationwide presence, creating local numbers for multiple regions has proven advantages.

"Jewelry redesign is a business founded on trust. In many cases, we're handling our customers' most prized possessions. Seeing a local number goes a long way in establishing a strong working relationship.”

It also means that Reuben and his team are aware of how doing business on a global scale can impact customers.

“I liked that Aircall was built for the global world, and that the privacy standards follow all the EU laws. Even though we're in America, it's good just to know we're doing the best we can. It's better customer service.”


To keep customer interactions seamless and personalized, Baguette Atelier’s sales and support teams use Shopify and Hubspot, which both integrate with Aircall.

“Having everything centralized and interconnected is excellent.”

Reuban likes the Hubspot integration in particular because he can keep track of his entire customer history, and Shopify helps his team stay on top of customer orders.

Baguette Atelier gets a lot of inbound calls, so being able to listen to call recordings using on-demand playback in Hubspot helps managers coach and keep track of the sales team’s performance.


Baguette Atelier also connects their Aircall numbers with SalesMSG, HubSpot's number one SMS provider.

“People interact by text and phone, you gotta connect with customers on their terms.”

Reuban knows that adding SMS capabilities can make it easier for his team to engage with their customers. It’s even a core part of their consultative services.

“You come to our landing page, get teamed up with a sales associate, text us a photo or call us to discuss the design specifications. I love that I can actually have the same phone number for people to call and text. It's the greatest thing on earth.”

Partnering with Aircall

Having a successful family business over the course of more than 40 years is only possible with good leadership and innovation. Reuben has been able to continue his family’s success by bringing a timeless business into the modern age with a push into ecommerce and partnering with reliable tech.

“I love Aircall. I trust your service, I trust your sales team, and I know you're growing in a positive way — making a difference in our industry.”

It’s time for your business to increase productivity like Baguette Atelier.

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