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Whether you’re wondering how many hashtags to use or trying to find the right influencer, Socialbakers helps brands enhance the quality of their marketing and delivers measurable results on social media investments.

Socialbakers is a leading unified marketing platform to thousands of enterprise brands and SMBs. They specialize in optimizing the entire social media marketing funnel — from driving campaign strategy to personalized content creation and actionable AI-powered audience insights.

With offices spanning New York to Singapore and Sao Paulo to Prague, Socialbakers is a global leader in social media marketing.

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Socialbakers has rapidly scaled-up in the last few years. Their cutting edge technologies continue to become more innovative, and they needed a business phone system to match.

Before Aircall, Socialbakers’ Business Development Representatives and Account Executives were relying on a combination of Skype and a local VoIP solution. But with so many offices around the world, it was difficult to manage the teams remotely.

And it wasn’t user-friendly — to say the least.

Their previous phone system was making it hard for sales reps to build relationships and set meetings.

“You’d have to click on a number a few times before it worked, and then once you finally managed to dial out, your call might drop in the middle of the conversation. Every time a call failed, sales reps would become discouraged, so they would revert back to Skype and manually log data.”

At the most foundational level, not having reliable quality was preventing employees from doing their jobs.

Optimizing performance

Socialbakers’ requirements were simple:

“We needed something that works 100% of the time, has local number capabilities, and syncs with Salesforce.”

When switching to Aircall, Kateřina Langová, Socialbakers’ Director of Strategic Planning, had high expectations for a new solution, but she was impressed by the simplicity and functionality of Aircall.

“The thing about Aircall is you click it, it syncs, it works.”

Aircall’s quality and reliability was a selling point, but the seamless integrations helped close the deal. Beyond the powerful integrations, Kateřina can now measure call volume across regions. Additionally, Socialbakers appreciates how they can manage and distinguish conversations by applying tags during calls which has helped give them more context on key accounts and move leads through the pipeline.

“Everything is able to move much faster. Our teams manage to have productive conversations, gather information, and qualify leads… We can actually track everything that happens.”

With a global workforce, Socialbakers needs to have a solution that scales easily. Aircall’s self-serve model lets Socialbakers add new users and numbers instantly, which makes it easy to bring on employees in any office.

“When you’re hiring people every month in different regions and languages, it makes on-boarding really smooth.”

Access to local phone numbers has been particularly helpful for connecting with new clients.

“If I am working on business in the Middle East, I’m usually calling from our Dubai number, but some companies might prefer to do business with someone from the UK, for example, so switching my local number is actually a very simple way of increasing the likelihood of reaching them.”

As Socialbakers continues to grow, they’re changing the way businesses think about social media marketing, and with Aircall, they can operate more effectively.

It’s time for your business to increase productivity like Socialbakers.

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