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Set up an awesome phone support easily

Instant numbers
Instant numbers in 40 countries
Get local or toll-free numbers instantly, in your local country or in any country in which you operate.
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All in one place
All in one place
Manage all your numbers and users in one place, even if they're spread all over the world.
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Custom music
Custom music and messages
Easily create greetings, absence messages and voicemail greetings. Record them, upload them or just write them down, we'll vocalize them for you.
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Opening hours
Opening hours
Decide when each of your numbers is open to receive calls.
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Click To Call
Add a Call button directly on your website,allowing visitors to call you without friction. Use our design or yours.
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Call from
Call from any number
Make or receive calls with your curstomers on any number all over the world so that you look local to them
Keep callers on hold until a teammate becomes available.
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Interactive Voice Response
Activate an IVR on your number to help callers connect to the right team.

Handle calls as a team

Call cascading
Flexible call distribution
Distribute calls across a team, in sequence, all at the same time or evenly across teammates. Update your distribution rules in one click.
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Shared inbox
Shared call inbox
Share a team view of all calls that need follow-up. Archive a call once follow-up is complete: your entire team will see.
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Assign and comment calls
Assign calls to a specific teammate so it pops up on her To Do list. Add context with a comment if you'd like
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Shared contacts
Shared contacts
Share contacts you create with your team so everyone knows who's calling. Keep some contacts private if you'd like.
Concurrent calls
Unlimited concurrent calls
Make and receive as many concurrent calls as you'd like on your numbers. Without limit.
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Call recording
Choose to record or not the calls on each of your numbers, to better monitor your performance as a team.
Real time modifications
Add or remove users associated to a number in one click.
Track your phone support performance. Measure the % of missed calls, call load of each teammate, etc.
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Let each teammate be reached directly at any moment by dialing his/her 3-digit extension

Make it easier to handle calls

Forward to cell phones
Each user can choose to have calls forwarded to one or several phones, to remain reachable even on-the-go.
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Voicemail by email
Receive voicemails in your mailbox. Play them directly from the email.
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Desktop notifications
Get notified on your PC when a call comes in and pick-up even if your Aircall app is hidden on your desktop.
Hold with music
Put callers on hold with a nice music to keep them on the line while you're checking something out.
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Working hours
Working hours
Let each user define when she's available to receive calls during the week. Or let her manage her presence manually.
Call transfer
Call transfer
Transfer a call to any of your teammates. Know who's available and who's not before transferring the call.
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Plug & play with what you already have

Use your PCs or smartphones
Use the devices you already have: PC, Mac, smartphones or even deskphones. No hardware required. No installation.
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Webhooks & API
Connect call information with your other business softwares. For instance, log calls or user availability into a Slack room.
Google Import
Import your contacts from Google Apps when they have a phone number. Share them with your team if you'd like.
CRM integrations
Use Aircall in harmony with your CRM (Salesforce, Zendesk, Helpscout...)! Check out our integrations list here!
Want to know more about our upcoming features? Follow our product roadmap in real time and vote for the next feature here!

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