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Advanced call center and collaboration features

Call cascading

Call routing

Direct calls to your team all at once or sequentially, pick and choose call distribution in one click.
Shared inbox

Shared call inbox

Have a bird’s eye view on all the calls requiring follow-up and archive them as you go. Keep your whole team on the same page.

Assign and comment on calls

Assign a call to a teammate, leave them an explanatory comment, and the call will pop up on their to-do list.
Shared contacts

Shared contacts

Create and share contacts with your team, so that everyone can see who’s on the line. (You can also keep some contacts private, if you like.)
Concurrent calls

Unlimited concurrent calls

Make and receive as many calls as you like, on any number, at the same time.

Call recording

Better monitor your team’s performance and the quality of your service by recording calls and listening back on them.

Real-time modifications

Toggle your preferences and add or remove users and numbers in a single click.

Call center analytics

Gauge your support team’s performance by keeping track of missed calls, call loads, etc.


Every teammate can be easily reached by dialing their 3-digit extension.
Live feed

Live feed

Get live updates on what’s going on in your call center to optimize your productivity.
Custom filters

Custom filters

Easily search for any call within your app and start calling!


Apply tags to gather important call reports from your integrations all in one place.
Email reporting

Email Reporting

Receive a recap of your agent’s activity right in your email inbox.

Blacklist numbers

Ensure you are receiving calls that you actually want, avoid spam callers and bots.
Opening hours

After Call Work

Leave yourself a few minutes to gather your thoughts before a next call.

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