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Capture call data in Klaviyo to automate and personalize customer experiences.

OnePageCRM is an ultra-simple yet powerful CRM built for small businesses that want to grow and scale. With its unique focus on productivity and follow-up reminders, OnePageCRM is the only action-focused CRM in the world.

Create one unified platform where you can manage your phone call data alongside all your customer interactions and operations by integrating Aircall with Fireberry CRM.

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Capture call data in ActiveCampaign to automate and personalize customer experiences at scale.


AI & Transcription

Ada is an AI-powered customer service automation platform that makes it easy for businesses to automatically resolve customer service conversations on phone and messaging channels.


Data & Reporting

All your live & legacy customer interaction call recording data in one place. Move your live & legacy customer call recording interactions to the cloud with Adepsi.

Start a call with your customers directly within Intercom Messenger.

Alloy Automation


Alloy Automation is a no-code platform for ecommerce brands to build automated workflows that save time, increase efficiency, and sync data.

Appy Pie Connect


Appy Pie Connect is a highly advanced no-code automation platform that allows users to automate their business workflow with ease.


AI & Transcription

Transcribe and analyze customer-facing calls to get summarized notes and actionable insights from every conversation.



The conversation intelligence software. bao helps companies to systematically and measurably improve their sales conversations.



Connect Aircall with Bloobirds in one click. Make and receive calls straight from Bloobirds, complete with automatic call result capture and real-time call script suggestions.


HR & Recruiting

Connect Aircall with Bullhorn to sync the inbound and outbound phone calls that your staffing business handles with your applicant management system.



When a new lead is added to your CRM, Callingly immediately calls your sales team until an agent picks up and then dials the lead automatically through Aircall.


Data & Reporting

ClicData is an end-to-end, 100% cloud based Data Analytics and Business Intelligence platform suitable for any size business to manage their data and easily generate live dashboards with the most up-to-date data and make informed decisions faster.


For Sales teams

Conversive revolutionizes the way businesses engage with customers through unified calling and smart messaging solutions.

AI & Transcription

Transform your contact center performance by 3X and foster higher ROI using Convin’s AI-powered contact center software.



Unify your teams around one inbox that centralizes much more than phone calls


For Sales teams

AI-Driven Sales Outbound Platform that makes B2B Sales Teams work efficiently and effectively


Data & Reporting

Leading privacy management platform. Map personal data and automate DSRs to build trust and eliminate risk.


Data & Reporting

Replicate Aircall data to a cloud data warehouse in minutes. No coding needed.



Customer support software for businesses serious about eCommerce


AI & Transcription

Aircall customers can use Enthu’s speech AI and conversation intelligence to empower calling teams to speed up their call QA process by 10X, surface multiple coaching opportunities and build a collaborative team culture.


Quality Assurance

Easily evaluate calls and provide insightful, timely feedback to your agents.

Create one unified platform where you can manage your phone call data alongside all your customer interactions and operations by integrating Aircall with Fireberry CRM.


AI & Transcription

The + Aircall integration make it seamless to transcribe every call made inside Aircall.


Data & Reporting

Fivetran improves the accuracy of data-driven decisions by continuously synchronizing data from source applications to any destination, creating one single source of truth for your organization.



Connect Aircall and FLG to keep your call activity logged in your CRM. Quickly access customer information from your CRM on Aircall.


AI & Transcription

Flip your phone into a modern Voice experience.



Smart conversational messaging platform that allows you to connect multiple channels into one agent interface and deflect with bots.


Help Desk

Connect Aircall to Freshdesk and integrate your phone lines with the rest of your support channels.

With the Freshdesk extension with Aircall, offer top-notch support across digital channels. You will be able to streamline your global support while enhancing agent productivity with better context, powerful ticketing and significant automation.


Help Desk

Connect Aircall to Front in order to automatically log all incoming calls into the inbox of your choice (including their recording if you’d like to).


Data & Reporting

Create custom dashboards for sharing real-time Aircall data with your sales or support team. Designed for desktop, mobile and TV.

The Aircall x Gmail Add-on allows your agents to retrieve the context of their call history right within their Gmail inbox.


AI & Transcription

Integrate Aircall with Gong to capture and analyze sales conversations. Gather call recordings in Gong to obtain transcripts and insights from every customer interaction.



Save all your calls in Gorgias and make your support agents even more productive!


AI & Transcription

Grain records, transcribes, and summarizes your calls with customizable AI-prompts, allowing you to focus on the conversation without worrying about taking notes.


Help Desk

Make and receive phone calls from HappyFox and track your call activity as tickets.

Help Scout

Help Desk

Connect Aircall with Help Scout to empower your customer-facing teams to be more productive, and add context to their phone conversations.

Enables your teams to use existing Aircall phone numbers to text with customers.


Help Desk

Offer end-to-end voice support right from the comfort of your Gmail inbox with the Hiver-Aircall integration. Manage all Aircall voice calls and voicemails centrally.

Connect all your call information into HubSpot. Customise the caller information to be displayed before the call even begins. Listen to and analyse calls at scale to improve your team’s performance and get actionable customer insights in one click.

An automatic, bi-directional contacts sync between HubSpot and Aircall.



Choose from over 250K+ ready-to-use 1 click automations and automate your business in just a few minutes.


Help Desk

Connect Aircall and Intercom to centralize phone, SMS, and chat communication in one platform and streamline support operations at scale.

Invelo is the true, all-in-one platform for managing and growing your real estate investing business from start to finish.


AI & Transcription

Win more deals, because losing sucks. Capture & analyze key customer interactions with Jiminny's AI. G2 top-rated for CI.


HR & Recruiting

Sync inbound and outbound phone calls with your applicant management system, and have more informed conversations with every candidate.


Quality Assurance

Integrate Aircall with Klaus for a scaled, automated customer support quality assurance process driven by AI. Quantify and improve conversation quality, track real-time quality KPIs with ease, and make data-driven decisions.

Capture call data in Klaviyo to automate and personalize customer experiences.

Konnect Insights


Connect Aircall with Konnect Insights to enable the agents to resolve tickets much faster by initiating calls with the requesters



Integrate Aircall & Kustomer to have your helpdesk and phone calls all in one place. Streamline your workflow and increase agent productivity.



Enable a 2-way sync between Aircall and third-party CRM, advertising, email, and lead-form platforms.


AI & Transcription

Leexi is a Conversational Analysis tool that transcribes and analyzes your calls and meetings.


Sales Automation

Add a cold call to your multichannel sequence with lemlist.

Connectez Aircall et Lya pour gérer toute votre activité d’appels depuis un seul et même outil


Quality Assurance

Enable QA managers to listen to call recordings and leave targeted agent feedback.

Unlock a smarter way to connect with your customers! By integrating Aircall with Magento 2 & Adobe Commerce, you'll instantly have all the key details of your customer's purchase history right at your fingertips during a call. Experience seamless interactions with every conversation.

Connect Aircall with your favorite apps in minutes

The Microsoft Dynamics Aircall integration empowers your sales and customer support representatives to add data and context to their phone conversations.

Microsoft Teams


Call customers from Microsoft Teams, and share contacts with teammates to enable company-wide collaboration.

Mindtickle - Call AI

AI & Transcription

Record, transcribe, and analyze sales calls for customer insights and coaching.


Help Desk

The team inbox and chat tool that empowers teams to truly collaborate around email.

MobiCRM, the new generation Smartphone First mobile CRM, designed by ergonomists to make sales people and managers smile


AI & Transcription

Analyze your sales conversations to have better conversations and close more deals.

Connect Aircall with to turn conversations into actionable customer data—stored, organized, and leveraged all from



Integrate Aircall with Nicereply to send CSAT, CES or NPS surveys automatically after a call.

Integrate Aircall & to automatically log call activity in Keep track of your call activity in

Connect all your call information into your CRM or Helpdesk. Surface all caller data during a call and save it into your client records, opportunity & ticket.

OnePageCRM is an ultra-simple yet powerful CRM built for small businesses that want to grow and scale. With its unique focus on productivity and follow-up reminders, OnePageCRM is the only action-focused CRM in the world.


Help Desk

Onepilot allows you to forward your clients’ calls into your call center on your platform. The calls are routed to the right agents for the

OneUp Sales

Data & Reporting

Transform your Aircall data into TV leaderboards, automated sales competitions, and one-click reports.


Sales Automation

Connect Aircall and Outreach to increase sales productivity by streamlining your call workflows and sales processes.


For Sales teams

Overloop is a Sales Engagement Platform that helps sales teams run multi-channel outbound campaigns.


Payments & Billing

Paytia Secure Virtual Terminal integrates with Aircall telephony to provide a simple and secure way for Aircall users to take customer payments securely during calls.

Integrate Aircall with Pepper Cloud CRM and get all your call information on one centralised platform. Log calls, notes, and tags automatically and access a consolidated view of your customer interactions. Analyse calls at scale with the CRM dashboard.



Pipedream is an integration platform for developers. Connect APIs, remarkably fast.

Integrate your phone system with Pipedrive and delve deeper into client conversion and satisfaction. This integration automatically syncs all your phone data in Pipedrive (recordings, notes, new contacts, tickets & more).


Help Desk

Make and receive phone calls from Planhat, log interactions and let your customer success team focus on your customers.

Playvox QM

Quality Assurance

Playvox QM integrates with Aircall, connecting your user and interaction data. Playvox is a unified QM solution that includes evaluation, coaching, and gamification, within a single UI.

Playvox WFM

Workforce Management

Playvox WFM for Aircall was built for the omnichannel contact centers of today. AI-driven forecasts & schedules for all of your channels (voice, email, chat, etc.).


Data & Reporting

Easily import data from Aircall to Plecto, a customizable visualization tool giving you real-time insights into your most important business KPIs.


Data & Reporting

Portable is the simplest way to load data from Aircall to your data warehouse

After call surveys by SMS and email, built for Aircall.


AI & Transcription

Praiz is a collaborative app to replay any business calls and meetings in one place. Replay, share feedback, and coach your team to improve sales performance.

AI & Transcription

Integrate Aircall with Rafiki to seamlessly capture, transcribe and analyze calls to enable great customer conversations and win more deals. View call recordings in Rafiki to get actionable insights.



Save all your calls in Re:amaze and make your support agents even more productive!


HR & Recruiting

Sync all your inbound and outbound calls with your Recruitly account.

Recruit Wizard

HR & Recruiting

Recruit Wizard automatically shows key caller details in the Aircall phone app to allow you to have more informed and relevant conversations.


AI & Transcription

Connect Aircall to Reecall to give an instant answer to all your inbound calls thanks to our conversational AI. Ensure customer satisfaction and cost efficiency.


AI & Transcription

Sync Aircall with Refract for call analysis and performance coaching. Capture actionable notes from every call, meeting, and demo with over ten languages supported.

Scale your real estate sales team thanks to healthy data.



Make and receive calls directly from your Aircall app within Richpanel's customer support & self-service platform.

Connect Sakari and Aircall to enable two-way text messaging using your Aircall phone numbers.

Connect Aircall to Salesforce in one click. Make and receive phone calls directly from your Aircall app within Salesforce.


Sales Automation

Streamline Sales team workflows by auto-logging call details and surface relevant caller details every time the phone rings.

Send, receive, and manage SMS text message conversations using your existing Aircall phone numbers.


Data & Reporting

Aggregate Aircall phone events and call details as a source for your data warehouse



Integrate Aircall to Shopify and get contextual data on your customer while on the phone. Order information is instantly displayed in the Aircall app.



Create advanced integrations with Aircall with a low code workflow builder.

Connect Sinch MessageMedia and Aircall to unlock SMS broadcasts, marketing campaigns and two-way SMS from your Aircall phone numbers.



Create channels to gather all your call information directly in Slack. Just choose the events you want to push in Slack and Aircall will do it.

SMS-Magic empowers businesses to unify their Aircall calling numbers with texting capabilities.



Turn your calls into augmented calls. With Speakylink, you add video to your calls to better understand situations that are difficult for your customers to describe.

Bi-directionally sync data between Aircall and SugarCRM. Built by BrainSell.


Workforce Management

Simple, accurate and fair planning tools to forecast and schedule teams so you can respond to customers quickly without burning out your team.


For Sales teams

With Surfe, find phone numbers, easily reach out to them from LinkedIn and have all details on both Insight Cards and CRM

A business texting tool built for modern sales, support and logistics teams with the ability to send messages using your existing Aircall phone number.

Tool4staffing is an HR & Recruiting tool powered by AI. It is an ATS tool for sector in tension.


Create sophisticated workflow automations that streamline data movement and actions across multiple applications, including Aircall.



Connect Aircall with Typeform to respond faster to online call back requests. Quickly scan any survey responses in Aircall before dialing to have better conversations.


Payments & Billing

Secure remote credit card payments over the phone. Voxpay is certified PCI-DSS Level 1.


Quality Assurance

Voyc is an AI-powered conversation intelligence and compliance monitoring solution tailored for continuous improvement in customer-facing operations.

Weather by Aircall


“It's sunny in New York today, right?” See the weather, location and temperature of the caller based on their phone number.


Data & Reporting

With Whaly, you can centralize your business data effortlessly and get a consolidated view of your business.


Data & Reporting

Connect Aircall to any third-party software to automate your workflows. Our Zapier integrations allows you to do that in just a few clicks.



Zeliq is an AI-based all-in-one sales solution that gives you the most accurate prospect data and makes outreach as autopilot as possible.

Zendesk CTI

Help Desk

Start making and receiving your calls directly from Zendesk. Automatically create tickets and match your incoming calls to your existing customer records.

Connect Aircall with Zendesk Sell to boost sales productivity and close deals faster. Reps save time with automatic call logging and quick access to the Lead or Contact page.

Connect Aircall with ZohoCRM to empower your Sales teams to be more productive, and add context to their phone conversations.

Zoho Flow


Built smart and uninterrupted workflows with Aircall and over 500 Apps on Zoho Flow in just a few clicks.

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