Why should I use VoIP?

First of all, VoIP technology makes it possible to shed the constraints of the traditional telephony network. Also called the public switched telephone network, this is the classic network for landlines. It transmits voice as electrical signals over a physical network of copper wires.

Unlike the public switched telephone network, VoIP offers all of the potential and features of high-speed Internet. As long as you have an Internet connection, you can place and receive calls everywhere in the world, using any device: a computer, smartphone, tablet or IP phone.

IP telephony is especially useful for companies and units that deal with high call volumes, such as call centers, marketing departments and customer service.

Why? Because VoIP technology has many applications for these lines of business:

  • you can place and receive calls with any device connected to the Internet, while keeping the same phone number

  • you can link your IP telephony solution to your computer system, which opens up access to more possibilities

  • you can reduce your operating costs, particularly for international calls

  • you can improve your customer service through features that optimize your teams’ efficiency

  • you can easily track your telephony activity with designated tools.

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