What Are the Advantages of Using VoIP, and Why Are VoIP Solutions Better Than Traditional Phone Services?

There are many benefits of using VoIP services for any small and medium-size business. It is a cost-effective business phone service for any company looking for a business transformation that will change its business trajectory.

Aircall offers businesses affordable and easy-to-use options that can be integrated at the click of a button. That being said, what makes VoIP a unique and excellent call management solution and how is it different from other available phone systems for SMEs and Enterprises? Keep reading to learn why and how a cloud-based phone system is better than traditional phone services.

What are the advantages of using VoIP?

The goal of every enterprise is to be profitable. And VoIP plans help you save money by providing a cost-effective call management solution. VoIP phone service enables small and medium-size businesses to unify their call solutions, including call recording, call monitoring, call transfer, emails, SMS, and IVR. It also provides the flexibility to easily integrate crucial applications such as your CRM, Salesforce, or Hubspot in a one-click setup. The advantages to using VoIP phone services are numerous. Here are a few among these:

  • Cost savings and efficiency

Adopting a VoIP phone system enables you to save costs significantly by lowering call costs. Switching to VoIP phone services can cut down your phone bill depending on what solutions you use for your company. VoIP call solutions are cheaper compared to PBX or traditional phone services, most especially for global companies. Save important calls with call recording, call monitoring, call transfer, IVR, and business SMS.

  • Increased accessibility and availability

Here's another key advantage of using a cloud-based VoIP phone service for your enterprise in the new normal: unrestricted ability to make calls from anywhere across the globe. This is highly beneficial for an increasingly virtual workforce. Employ a cloud-based business phone system for your small and medium-size business to remain flexible and productive no matter where your employees operate.

  • Flexible call rates

VoIP enables you to cut down call management costs and eliminate exorbitant charges that usually accrue from international calls.

Easily communicate with employees and clients from anywhere in the world, enjoying global reach at local rates. Also enjoy reduced costs on both local and international VoIP calls.

  • Effective and unified communication

A cloud-based phone system provides everything your marketing or sales team will ever need to communicate clearly and effectively. Enjoy all the essential features of a call centre without needing extensive infrastructure in your location. These include call centre, integration and analytic features to ensure unified communications, and exceptional customer service. The cloud-based VoIP makes it easy to carry out secured and reliable business communication.

  • One-click integration

Easily integrate CRM, Salesforce, Hubspot, support chat, email, and more tools with a cloud-based business phone system. One-click integration enables you to connect your calls directly with office tools and allows you to track analytics, record and transfer calls, stay informed on team activity, and have more flexibility in the remote workforce.

  • Salesforce integration

Easily connect Aircall to the Salesforce CRM in one click. This integration enables you to make and receive calls right from the Aircall app within Salesforce.

  • Hubspot integration

Aircall’s Hubspot integration allows you to connect, gather, and save your call information directly into Hubspot.

Why is VoIP better than traditional phone services?

Cloud VoIP phone solutions are preferable over PBX or traditional phone services because the cloud offers the opportunity to improve communications and unlock more call solution features. It provides the solutions you need to meet the demands of your growing users.

Cloud VoIP solutions allow small and medium-size businesses to project the image of enterprises. When you sign up for Aircall VoIP phone services, you can harness advanced call features such as call queuing, routing, monitoring, conferencing, recording, analytics, and international numbers to your advantage.

  • No physical hardware required

Unlike traditional phone services that operate on PBX installed on-premises, there's no physical hardware to install. Since there's nothing to install, the VoIP phone system also eliminates the need for dedicated IT staff to manage setups and hardware solutions.

  • Easy scalability and expansion

It's a lot easier to scale VoIP call solutions than traditional PBX. VoIP allows you to quickly scale and expand, unlike traditional phone services that would require new installations or purchasing additional equipment. Scaling cloud-based business phone solutions happen with only a few clicks of the button after talking to your service providers.

  • Flexible upgrades

Another significant advantage of adopting SMEs is the ability to easily upgrade your VoIP call solution at the click of a button. It enables fast and automated updates in the background without your knowledge and ensures your call solutions are always secured and reliable.

  • Reduced maintenance costs

The cost of maintaining VoIP systems is part of the overall charge. You pay only minimal fees compared to the cost of maintaining a landline or PBX.

  • Third-party integrations

A cloud-hosted phone system allows you to integrate hundreds of third-party applications relevant to your business operations. The VoIP phone system enables you to integrate tools and software that facilitate effective communication with your clients. Aircall allows quick and easy integration of CRM, Livechat, eCommerce, Help Desk, Quality Assurance, Sales Automation, Surveys, SMS, Payment and Billing, Data and Reporting, Social and Fun, and many more features to provide the best experience to customers.

  • Better and clearer voice quality

A cloud-based phone system enables SMEs and Enterprises to enjoy clear communication with customers across the world. Reach your customers anywhere and speak with them without undermining the quality of calls. The quality of your business call is clear and guaranteed, no matter where your customer services are operating. Unlike traditional phone services, you don't have to spend a fortune to enjoy excellent and clearer voice quality.

VoIP provides exceptional, reliable and secure call solutions for a variety of needs. The cloud-based VoIP phone service works for any small and medium-size enterprises to offer:

  • Reduced cost on business VoIP calls

  • Secured business communications

  • Unified communications

  • Improved workforce and employee mobility

  • Great customer experience

Cloud-hosted VoIP increases customer's satisfaction due to a competitive business phone system and easy integration of UCaaS solutions to the call infrastructure.

Benefits of moving to a VoIP phone system

There are so many benefits to switching to VoIP phone services. This strategic move can decrease the cost of calls, improve time management, and increase employee productivity. Let's take a quick look at five benefits of moving your landline system to cloud-based VoIP phone services:

  • Call cost reduction

VoIP enables you to considerably cut down costs of call management and voice recording storage. Cloud-based phone services also allow calls automation and eliminate exorbitant charges that usually accrue from calls.

  • Versatility and easy integration

With cloud-based phone solutions, you can easily and quickly integrate your VoIP phone systems with other apps and software like CRM, Help Desk, and Hubspot into your call-management solutions. Aircall features can be integrated with a few clicks. You can integrate your calls with other functionalities like chat, emails, voicemail, video, and voice within just one app.

  • Increased productivity

One core benefit of a cloud-based phone system is the ability to operate your call-management solutions from anywhere. Productivity is increased when there is no restriction to where you operate. Your company can also be running 24/7 since you are not limited to a specific location. You can move as business demands without adding the stress of moving equipment around.

  • Secured business phone system

VoIP is a customizable phone call management solution that increases security and clarity while cutting down call costs at the same time. It's an essential tool for companies that deal with high call volume.

  • Superior voice and video quality

VoIP phone service provides exceptional voice and video quality that traditional phone systems cannot guarantee. PBX services often provide distorted dial tones and lack voice and video clarity. All these are absent in VoIP systems. Move to business phone services to enjoy efficient and seamless business communication. Since VoIP helps you transmit your voice over IP, you’ll be able to talk and communicate clearly with your customers.

There are many VoIP advantages and benefits for both SMEs and Enterprises. Aircall VoIP business phone systems offer cost-effective and robust call management at affordable rates.

Many small and medium businesses may not have the luxury of time and money to invest in traditional phone services. Compared to a landline infrastructure, a cloud-based VoIP phone system offers small businesses many advantages to scale and increase their productivity without spending a fortune. If you provide customer services, marketing, or support remotely, you should consider moving to cloud-hosted VoIP services to improve your communications and customer service delivery.

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