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What is a VoIP phone number?

A VoIP number is similar to a regular phone number. No matter what indicator it starts with (01, 02, etc.) it allows people to call you via Internet protocol and enables you to place calls.

Aircall can also offer you additional features based on your needs:

- toll-free numbers that your customers can use to contact you at no cost to them (800, 844, 855, etc.)

- international numbers to give the impression that the number is local

How can I get a VoIP number?

To get a VoIP number, you have to request one from a VoIP provider. With the Aircall application, you can have one or several VoIP numbers and benefit from additional features to better manage your company’s telephony, starting from our Essentials plan:

- call routing

- call conferencing

- call center analytics

- and even call recording

Request a demo to learn more about VoIP numbers and the features of Aircall’s telephony software.

Is IP telephony secure?

Like any IT system, an IP telephony system may have vulnerabilities. There are 5 main types:

- denial-of-service attacks, in which a server is overloaded with requests to the point that the application becomes unresponsive

- malware and computer viruses that can compromise security

- unauthorized eavesdropping with the intent to acquire sensitive information

- automated spam calls placed by bots

- call redirection with a fraudulently modified forwarding number

However, these risks are generally common to all telephony and computer systems. We have a handy list of best practices to follow to better protect your IP telephony system and be aware of the potential risks.

Aircall’s VoIP solution is comprehensively secured (calls are encrypted, passwords aren’t stored, credit card numbers aren't stored, etc.). Try our application for free for 7 days to see what it can add to your company telephony.

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