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How do I set up IP telephony

The set-up process for your VoIP telephony solution depends on the system you’ve chosen.

- Software: all you need to do is use your chosen Internet-connected device (desktop, laptop, etc.) to download a software program; the connected services are hosted in the cloud. Calls are placed and received using the computer interface, with a microphone-equipped headset.

- Hardware: if you have a physical IP telephone, you have to connect it to your local network with an Ethernet cable.

Aircall gives you the convenience of a cloud solution: you can connect your telephony system to your computer system with an application to maximize its effectiveness.

How can I block VoIP calls?

Most VoIP solutions, including Aircall, allow the user to blocklist certain numbers. You can easily block unwanted calls in the Aircall dashboard by adding or deleting the numbers of your choice.

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