Business Phone Systems in Austin: How to Find the Best VoIP Service

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Finding the right business phone system in Austin

Looking for a feature-packed yet cost-efficient business phone system in Austin? You’re not alone. Whether you’re an SME or a larger enterprise, Austin’s low barriers to entry and business-friendly tax legislation make it a prime destination for investing in and building a business.

Being the capital city of Texas and a Fortune 500 hotspot, with companies like Amazon, Apple, and Accenture having headquarters there, Austin is a thriving hub of economic activity. But, big opportunities bring big competition and the city is filled with ambitious, like-minded businesses looking to claim their share of Austin’s market share.

Whether you’re based in Downtown Austin, Congress Avenue, the Market District, or North or South Austin, you need to invest in a business phone solution that allows for speedy yet cost-effective scalability. 

Offering cloud-based VoIP capabilities, smart features, and extensive integrations, Aircall is the ideal business phone system in Austin that will help you grow while keeping your overheads low and giving you the competitive edge you need.  

Why do you need a business phone system in Austin?

Do you do business in one of the industries listed below? If so, you directly contribute to Austin being ranked as the number one area for growing businesses in the United States by the Wall Street Journal. 

  • Health & Wellness

  • Education

  • Science & Technology

  • Business Productivity Tools

  • Consulting & Professional Services

  • Real Estate & Property Management

But, the catch is Austin’s booming economy and business-friendly bureaucracy attract countless new startups, SMEs, and larger organizations every month. 

With no individual or corporate income tax charged by the state of Texas, Austin’s economic climate is primed to help smaller businesses thrive - and that includes your competitors. 

The key takeaway is that you need to stay competitive while remaining agile and cost-effective in your processes to succeed in Austin.

Investing in the necessary resources that will allow your teams to scale without straining your overheads is a key ingredient for competitive growth. 

Aircall is the ideal cloud-based VoIP phone system for ambitious Austin-based companies looking to elevate their communications, sales, and support processes and customer services. 

What are the business telephony choices in Austin?

There are a few options for different phone services in Austin, TX. Typically, you’ll find three different types of business phone systems in offices in Austin. We’ll briefly examine them below to give you an idea of the telephony technology available. 

Private Branch Exchange (PBX)

PBX stands for private branch exchange system. You’ll know it as the traditional landline-based telephone service used within organizations. It’s made up of a network of fixed, location-bound telephone hardware, copper cables and wires, and an internal PBX management server. 

The server works as a central switchboard for managing incoming and outgoing calls around the office. Because it’s fixed and is made up of cabling, it requires manual setup and installation by a team of telecom specialists. 

Internet Protocol (IP) PBX

Internet Protocol PBX (IP PBX) is a little different from regular PBX systems. They have the same hardware setup as deskbound landline phones. But, instead of using wires to transmit voice calls, IP PBX uses the internet. 

The system uses wireless internet protocol to transmit data between servers. While this does introduce limited cloud capabilities, this option still requires pricy, time-consuming installation and maintenance.  

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Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

VoIP stands for voice over internet protocol. It’s a phone system that only uses the internet to make and manage voice calls. It differs from PBX and IP PBX in that it doesn’t need fixed telephony hardware or wires to function. 

It’s entirely cloud-based, meaning that all you need to get set up is a phone or laptop to work from, an internet connection, and a VoIP service provider. Setup is quick, allowing you to get to work immediately and there are no onsite installation costs, keeping overheads low. 

How to choose the best business phone system for your company in Austin

Before you commit to a business phone system, make sure the options you’re considering offer a free trial that lets you explore and test key features and integrations necessary for cost-efficient scaling. Some of which might include:

  • Call Routing: redirect and dispatch incoming customer calls to the right department more efficiently.

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR): classify and route incoming calls according to specific customer needs. 

  • International Numbers: localize your overseas sales and support teams by obtaining local and international business numbers. 

  • Business Phone App: equip your teams with the functionality they need to remain productive, no matter where they’re working from.

  • SMS Business Text Messaging: let customers and prospects message and respond to your teams on a more personal platform at their convenience.

  • Call Recording: record sales and support calls for training and onboarding as well as assess team and agent performance.

  • Call monitoring: guide your sales and support teams to ideal outcomes through live calls in real time.

  • PowerDialer: create entire customer and prospect lists and automatically call through them without having to dial in between calls. 

  • CRM Integrations: streamline manual CRM admin and receive invaluable performance insights from CRM tools like Salesforce, Pipedrive, and Hubspot.

  • Call Center Analytics: get the data and insights you need to monitor team performance and productivity, track KPIs, and set new targets from a single dashboard.

How much does a business phone system cost in Austin?

The cost of a business phone system varies depending on the type of service and the features and capabilities it offers. For instance, a VoIP business phone system in Austin can cost anywhere between $15 to $30 a month. 

Cost, however, shouldn’t be your only consideration, especially for long-term growth and scalability.

Equally important is the value you’re getting from your VoIP provider’s services. What features do they offer? How about integrations? Any VoIP service provider worth its weight should be able to integrate with top-market CRM tools like Hubspot, Salesforce, Shopify, REISift, Pipedrive, and Gorgias

It’s also important to research overheads outside of monthly subscription fees like setup and maintenance. Some providers may charge these as external, additional costs. 

At just $30 per month, Aircall offers extensive integrations and smart, intuitive features in their “Essentials” Plan, commonly found in pricier middle and top-tier plans of other VoIP service providers. 

Aircall’s price plans offer greater value than most VoIP phone systems in Austin and cater to a variety of business needs. 

VoIP services in Austin and Other Cities in the US: We’ve got you covered

Aircall's VoIP phone system is available in Austin,Texas, and other big cities in the United States, including:

Aircall supports Austin businesses with local voice carriers

Aircall’s market-leading VoIP network includes partnering with local providers to provide impeccable call quality and reliability. That means you can enjoy total peace of mind when making sales, closing deals, and supporting your customers and teams over the phone. 

Heard of the Opus Codec? Ask shortlisted VoIP providers in Austin about it. All you need to know is that the Opus Codec means zero dropped calls - even when network strength fluctuates or dips. 

In the office or out: make the smart call with Aircall

All Aircall apps (for both mobile and desktop) are native to each platform. This means you’ll maintain strong connections to all voice carriers, no matter where you’re working from, whether it’s in Austin or the Greater Austin metropolitan area. 

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