The Best Business Phone System in Los Angeles

Looking for the right business phone services for your small business in Los Angeles? Take your business communication to the next level with our integrated business phone and communication platform.
The Best Business Phone System in Los Angeles

If you’re in the market for a new business phone system in Los Angeles, cost efficiency should be top of your shortlist criteria. Why? Barriers to doing business in L.A. are low, so competition is high. Every dollar counts.

Whether you’re in L.A., Long Beach, Burbank, Glendale, Anaheim, or other Orange County locales, Aircall brings proven cost-savings for reinvesting in staying competitive and punching above your weight.

But cost savings shouldn’t be your only criteria. You need a solution that offers a simple setup, powerful integrations, and smart productivity features. And you’ll need to test how well each option you shortlist turns phone conversations into sales and customer satisfaction.

Here’s your chance to do exactly that. Let your customer teams make the final call by testing Aircall hands-on for free for 7 days.

Why Do You Need a Business Phone System in Los Angeles?

If you’re a Los Angeles business in these industries, you’re part of the reason California is set to overtake Germany as the fourth-largest economy on the planet. Here’s the catch: L.A.’s thriving local economy means fierce competition. Prospects and customers have a world of options.

  • Fashion & Beauty

  • Health & Wellness

  • Real Estate & Property Management

  • Education & E-Learning

  • Advertising & Marketing

  • Business Productivity Tools

  • Consulting & Professional Services

  • Entertainment & Sports & Leisure

The bottom line? To thrive in The Golden State, you need golden opportunities to win and keep new customers. That means choosing a reliable L.A. VoIP phone service geared for effortless daily productivity while delivering sales and customer experience impact—without breaking the bank.

How does Aircall achieve that?

Aircall Drives Call Productivity and Performance (without dropping the ball on cost efficiency) 

Even with starter bundles, Aircall’s generous pricing plans come loaded with features other business phone services in Los Angeles may lack or make you pay extra for.

Aircall also guarantees 99.95% uptime, the biggest apps and integrations offering in the market, and crystal-clear call quality—even when connectivity fluctuates.

All this helps you keep your telephony overhead down while upping sales potential, customer experience, and market competitiveness.

Key Factors for Choosing a Business Phone System in Los Angeles

When comparing your options, make sure each free trial gives hands-on testing access to the features you need to achieve daily and long-term goals. These may include:

  • International Numbers: Localize sales and support overseas without setting up new offices.

  • Call Routing: Customize call-route mapping to satisfy customer call demands effectively.

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR): Auto-classify and route callers according to specific needs.

  • SMS Business Text Messaging: Give prospects and customers the opportunity to follow up and engage with your team when it’s convenient for them.

  • Call Recording: Enable effective phone sales and support training while maintaining team and customer accountability.

  • Power Dialer: Reach out to entire prospect lists without dialing any numbers between calls.

  • Business Phone App: Maintain productivity in hybrid, remote, or on-the-go teams using Apple iOS or Android.

  • Call Center Analytics: Leverage intuitive, at-a-glance team or agent performance monitoring that tracks and sets KPIs and can help you shape training requirements. 

  • Call Monitoring: Steer and guide sales and support call outcomes as calls happen before the opportunity slips away.

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Test CRM integrations and make sure they do more than just log calls

IT, Tech, and Leisure industries are booming in L.A. Particularly in Burbank—named by Forbes as the third-best place in the U.S. to start a business.

Keeping that boom means effective prospect and customer relationship management. And that means generating sales and support insights without generating mountains of extra admin. 

Make sure to test L.A. business phone integration capabilities with CRMs like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Pipedrive. CRM integrations should be super easy to set up and deliver more than just automated call logging to reduce admin.

For example, Aircall’s integrations offer automated reporting, one-click calling, Insights Cards, and even Caller Insights as calls are happening.

Make sure any free trials you run give full access to testing integrations and features like Power Dialer, Call Recording, and Call Monitoring that come as standard with Aircall.

Choose a VoIP cloud phone vendor in L.A. with proven productivity and cost-efficiency gains

When comparing VoIP Business Phone Services in Los Angeles, you’ll probably hear “most reliable” pretty often. Make sure the cloud phone services you’re considering can back up their claims with proven numbers.

For example, when we asked Forrester to test the business impact of Aircall, they discovered that each rep saved 8 minutes on call admin per hour. They also noticed that the composite organization saw savings of $585k over three years through reduced maintenance costs and a total ROI of 373%

How Much Does a Business Phone System Cost in Los Angeles?

VoIP phone telephony costs are tricky to weigh up. There are initial setup costs and ongoing maintenance that can vary wildly. Then there’s licensing.

Typically, cloud-phone systems in Los Angeles cost upward of $20 per month per user. But it’s easy to get confused when you’re looking at raw numbers. Ultimately, it’s about the actual value of the plan and what features you can access.

For example, at $30 per user per month, Aircall’s Essentials package includes free-minute perks and capabilities that other L.A. phone system providers might not even offer. Or they might make you pay extra for them.

See Aircall’s generous pricing plans to review more extras you won’t get from other Los Angeles cloud-based phone providers.

What about phone system installation and maintenance costs? With Aircall, you’ll be set up and ready to go in minutes. Day-to-day, you’ll add and manage lines, including domestic and International Numbers, in mere clicks. All without major delays and IT team interventions.

VoIP in Los Angeles and Nearby Cities: Aircall has you covered.

Aircall's VoIP phone system is available in Los Angeles, and other big cities in the United States, including:

Aircall supports local L.A. businesses with local voice carriers

Aircall’s market-leading VoIP network includes local providers selected to guarantee flawless call quality and reliability. That means total peace of mind when closing deals, supporting customers, or collaborating with others by phone.

Heard of the Opus Codec? Ask shortlisted L.A. VoIP providers about it. We’ll spare you the jargon! Let’s just say Aircall’s Opus Codec means zero dropped calls—even when network strength drops.

On wifi in the office or on the go: Aircall doesn’t falter

All Aircall apps (for both desktop and mobile) are native to each platform. That means you’ll maintain strong connections to all voice carriers—no matter where you are in and around L.A. or even outside Orange County.

Aircall turns crystal-clear communication into sales insights, customer satisfaction, and competitive growth

In a few clicks, test Aircall free for 7 days. Test countless features, automatically capture better sales insights, and watch your teams crush their goals.

Once you’ve tested Aircall’s proven commercial value for yourself, you’ll know exactly which price plan and bundles you’ll need to communicate more competitively in L.A.

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