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Boost Team Productivity
& Performance

While Cutting Costs with Aircall

Reduce administration time on every call, enhance productivity, and scale your teams with Aircall: the leading cloud-based phone system.

Time. Productivity. Performance. Making the Right Call Could Lead to Gains Worth $219.K

Time. Productivity. Performance.
Making the Right Call with Aircall Led to Gains
Worth $585K*

Customers saved significant time and money on phone calls. Aircall is easy to set up and simple to use—and that’s just the start. Imagine what real-time performance analytics could do for your sales and customer satisfaction.

Aircall makes it possible by integrating with other business tools, linking vital data from multiple sources in the cloud. That enables businesses to track team activity, identify trends, and make strategic changes that lead to maximized productivity and cost savings.

*Over a three-year period, Aircall enabled savings of $585k over three years for a composite organization by reducing the costs of maintenance and calls, which led to an ROI of 373%.

The Numbers Don’t Lie*

  • Save 8 minutes  per hour on call admin

    8 minutes saved per hour on call admin

  • Make productivity gains worth $31,000

    Operations Manager productivity gains worth $31k

  • Save $35,000 in annual telephony costs

    $35,000 saved in annual telephony costs

  • Capture cost savings that add up to $210,000

    Capture cost savings that added up to $585k

*study results are based on a composite organization over three years.

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On-demand Webinar

Proven productivity and performance boosters for your customer-facing teams

Based on practical examples from TooGoodToGo, learn how TooGoodToGo increased team productivity, featuring speakers from Forrester Consulting & the Aircall Sales team.

Discover expert tips for boosting productivity from guests TooGoodToGo, Forrester Consulting & the Aircall team.

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Are your customer-facing teams losing 8 minutes per hour to admin? You’re not alone.

Are your customer-facing teams losing time to admin?
You’re not alone.

Teams who use traditional hard phone systems spend minutes every hour on call-related admin and manual work. Cutting that out of their workflow allows them to focus on providing better service and reaching more people.

Cloud-based phone solutions like Aircall automate the administrative legwork that usually follows each call. Through its integration capabilities and one-click executions, Aircall saves an entire minute on each call. That adds up to 8 minutes saved every hour.

And it doesn’t end there. Senior team members can coach newer members in real-time by easily monitoring and listening in on calls.

Want to learn more on how to boost your team’s productivity and performance?

Take a closer look at our articles below.

Give operations managers
a 20% productivity boost.

Operations managers saw a 20% productivity boost, and so can you.

Phone systems take time to set up, manage, and maintain. Operations managers are frequently overloaded with reporting, system maintenance, and technical troubleshooting for their teams.

Migrating to cloud-based systems allows them to reclaim their time. Setup is much quicker—and no longer dependent on hardware. According to a commissioned Forrester Consulting study, The Total Economic Impact™ of Aircall, with Aircall, operations managers reclaimed 20% of the time they would have spent using other phone systems. The system integrates easily with over 100 business tools, eliminating the need for time-consuming and costly software integration.

Powerful analytics and reporting enable operations managers to better understand business trends, plan their capacity, and improve staffing.

Optimize your team further with our tips below.

Slash maintenance and
calling costs by $219K.

$219K saved on maintenance
and calling costs.

Costly per-minute billing is a major obstacle for business leaders. To grow, they need to scale their sales and support teams, but high telephony costs and outdated pricing models make this difficult.

Cloud-based phone systems alleviate this pressure. They don’t rely on hardware, which means they’re more cost-effective.

Aircall also offers call bundles instead of per-minute billing. Users saved on outbound calls to specific countries of their choice for savings of up to $2,000 each quarter.

Ready to set your team up for success? Explore our deep dives on how to leverage digital transformation to save money and create a memorable customer experience below.

Discover the ROI and annual cost savings you can get with Aircall

Discover the ROI and annual cost savings you can get with Aircall

In just a few clicks, discover how Aircall’s business phone system can improve admin and agent productivity and performance. From there, see how making the switch can increase your ROI and reduce costs.

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How much is lost productivity costing your team?

Telephony hardware maintenance, redundant and cluttered processes, and unnecessary team admin are costing companies up to 30% in annual revenue. Take a look at our new eBook to find out how Aircall customers gained $585K by making the right call.

Forrester TEI™
Forrester TEI™
Complementary Study

Forrester Total Economic Impact™

These findings were drawn from Forrester’s study on the Total Economic Impact™ of Aircall. For over 20 years, companies have looked to Forrester Research to help them evaluate technology investments. The Total Economic Impact™ of Aircall study was commissioned by Aircall and delivered by Forrester Consulting.

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