The Best Business Phone Systems in the U.S.

Looking for the right business phone services for your small business? Find out more about the different types of business phone solutions and choose the best provider for your business needs.
The Best Business Phone Systems in the U.S.

What to consider for your business phone system?

Elevate your business communications with the best business phone services for your U.S. company.

Robust integrations

Robust integrations

One-click integration with 100+ business tools, including tools for sales, support, HR, billing, internal collaboration, and more. Use our Open API to integrate with your in-house systems.

Powerful analytics

Powerful analytics

Never miss a beat or a call with real-time analytics. Advanced analytics help you dig deep into readily available data, with filters that allow you to break down data by user, team, and line activity.

Intuitive and easy to set up

Intuitive and easy to set up

Enable more autonomous customer-facing teams. With Aircall, new numbers and users can be created in a matter of clicks, and training new users is simple with our easy-to-use interface.

Reliable business phone systems are indispensable for U.S. businesses hoping to turn growth plans into reality. But there are tons of options and factors to consider.

PBX, IP PBX, or VoIP? Which should you go for? And what capabilities should you look for in U.S. business phone service providers?

What are the main types of business phone systems? 

There are three different business phone system configurations commonly found in most office settings. 


You’ll know PBX (private branch exchange) phone system as traditional desk phones which operate separately from the PTSN (Public Switched Telephone Network). The onsite PBX server contains telephony switches that distribute calls to different desk phones in a single office. It also allows those phones access to a limited number of outside lines. 


IP PBX phones are similar to PBX phone systems, only they use an IP address (Internet Protocol) to carry calls by sending data from one server to another via the internet. Because IP PBX phones use digital internet lines, call quality is a little better than standard PBX phones. However, IP PBX phones just can’t compete with VoIP when it comes to productivity features and integrations.


Completely virtual VoIP phone systems only require the internet and software to make calls—that’s it. Compared to traditional phone systems, VoIP is far more cost-effective and easier to set up. It also requires significantly less maintenance, as there are no onsite servers, hardware, or operational updates that need to be managed by a technician. 

What should you look for in a business phone provider? 

Fair pricing for the plan that best fits your organization

Fortunately, as a rule, VoIP phone systems tend to be the most cost-effective option in the long run. But even then, the most affordable plan is not necessarily the one that will work best for your organization’s needs. 

Most VoIP providers offer tiered pricing plans. Depending on how many features and capabilities you need, you may need to shop around to compare different pricing plans. 

Quality customer support and onboarding 

One of the major benefits of installing a VoIP business phone system is that it requires almost no setup or maintenance expertise from a technician. That being said, switching to a new phone system is still an adjustment, and some teams might require a little guidance along the way. 

The right VoIP provider will offer quality customer support to make this transition as smooth as possible. While many providers promise 24/7 availability on their top-tier plans, this means very little if the help that you need is being outsourced to a call center. What you want to look for in a provider is expert, in-house support that supplies personalized answers to your questions. 

Smart one-click integrations 

By far one of the greatest advantages of a VoIP business phone system is that it can connect to the business tools you already use (like your CRM, help desk, or e-commerce tools). When browsing for a U.S. business phone system, look for a provider with a large app marketplace to streamline workflows and boost productivity at a price that suits your budget. 

Is VoIP available in all U.S. cities? 

Yes. As long as you have an internet connection, you can use a VoIP business phone system wherever you are in the United States. For example:

Business Phone System Features 

Here are a few of the top features you should look for in a U.S. business phone system. 

  • Call conferencing: Conduct more collaborative conversations with a conference feature that allows you to host multiple speakers on the same call. 

  • Business hours: Schedule custom working hours to confirm when each of your organization’s numbers is available to receive calls. 

  • Warm transfer: Give teammates the option to speak before transferring a call, creating a smoother transition for customers and a seamless, real-time handover for internal teams. 

  • Ring-on speakers: Reduce missed-call rates by ensuring that inbound calls are heard loud and clear in the workspace. 

  • Forward-to-phone: Bring new meaning to remote work by forwarding calls to mobile devices when you can’t be in the office. 

  • Shared contacts: Create and share contacts with the entire team so everyone can follow the conversation. 

  • IVR: Improve customer satisfaction with a smart interactive voice directory that guides callers to the right department on the first try. 

Of course, the more features a business phone system provider offers, the better. 

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The best business phone system providers in the U.S.


Aircall brings effortless value to crystal-clear voice interactions with easy setup, dedicated in-house support, and competitive pricing plans generously packed with integrations and features designed for productivity.

Those are just a few of the things that make Aircall the ideal U.S. business phone system provider for increasing both sales potential and seamless customer experience.

Aircall also offers access to integrations and features that other competitors don’t typically offer (or might make you pay extra for). This, and streamlined maintenance, make Aircall the most cost-effective VoIP provider on the market. 

  • 100+ integrations, even on the most basic payment plan 

  • Starting at $30 per user per month

  • Softphone app for desktop, Android, and iOS 


Dialpad is a unified communications platform that facilitates seamless communication between teams and customers. 

  • Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 integrations on entry-level plan 

  • Starting at $23 per user per month 

  • Customizable plans with add-on features at additional cost 


RingCentral is the business communications platform that rolls message, video, fax, and SMS into one solution. 

  • Some popular integrations available with mid to top-tier plans 

  • Starting at $32.99 per user per month 

  • Unlimited calls within the U.S. and Canada 


Vonage provides companies with business phone systems to help teams stay connected. You can also purchase hardware from Vonage for a communications solution that suits your setup.

  • 14 free integrations (more available at additional cost) plus 50+ standard business phone features 

  • Starting at $19.99 per line per month, plus fees and taxes 

  • Customize your plan with popular add-ons like toll-free numbers, call recording, and voicemail transcription 


Nextiva gives organizations total oversight over all conversations, engages customers, and improves team collaboration with one simple business communications solution.

  • Outlook and Google Contact integrations available with the entry-level plan 

  • Starting at $25.95 per user per month 

  • Stay connected wherever you are with mobile and desktop apps 


Grasshopper keeps personal and business calls separate by adding a business number and a virtual phone system to your personal phone. Easy setup, minimal maintenance. 

  • 15+ business phone features to choose from 

  • Starting at $26 per user per month 

  • Spruce up your business operations with additional professional phone features 

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