Choosing the Best Business Phone Service in Sacramento

Do you need a Business phone service in Sacramento ? Find out how Aircall can provide the best service to help you and your business grow.
Choosing the Best Business Phone Service in Sacramento

Sacramento is one of the biggest innovation hubs in the U.S. for small to medium enterprises, so competition is tight. Downtown, East Sacramento, Midtown, North Oak Park—no matter where you’re based, business phone systems in Greater Sacramento County need to be geared for cost-effective scalability. 

Aircall is the ideal cost-saving phone solution in Sacramento, allowing you to reinvest in staying agile and competitive.

Aircall offers a full suite of cloud-based VoIP, service, and analytics features; an industry-leading apps and integrations market (100+ integrations); and responsive and dedicated in-house support. Aircall is your all-in-one phone solution in Sacramento, California

Try Aircall free and hands-on for 7 days and let your teams experience intuitive productivity that moves the needle on sales and customer satisfaction outcomes. 

Why should you consider a new business telephone system in Sacramento?

Doing business in the industries mentioned below? You and others like you are the ones driving the innovation Sacramento is known for. 

  • Real Estate

  • Agriculture

  • Renewable Energy

  • Education & E-Learning

  • Health & Wellness

But Sacramento’s small business–friendly bureaucracy and relatively low cost of living (at least in the state of California) means that new businesses enter the market all the time.

The key takeaway: In Sacramento, capturing great business opportunities means being equipped with great resources and maximizing them.

Aircall is the hardware-free VoIP phone system for Sacramento with big ambitions to elevate service quality, sales, and customer experience.

Aircall’s pricing plans allow you plenty of room to select a plan that caters to your needs and offers features in their starter bundle that other solutions only provide in mid- and top-tier plans.

Aircall also offers one of the largest apps and integrations marketplaces (100 and counting) and 99.9% uptime.

The bottom line is reduced telephony costs with a proven uptick in customer-facing team productivity and performance.

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Key Steps for Choosing a Business Phone System in Sacramento

Before committing to any business phone system, make sure that each option offers free hands-on testing, a free trial with access to key business tool integrations, and smart productivity features designed to cut extra admin work. Here are a few Aircall features to look out for and compare.

Call Routing: Dispatch incoming calls based on the availability status and the unique skills of your employees and teams.

Call Monitoring: Train new sales team members on live calls, correcting mistakes and guiding agents to ideal sales outcomes in real-time. 

Call Recording: Access recording of customer calls for better sales and support training and to monitor team performance.

International Numbers: Claim local and international numbers no matter what country your employees and teams are working from, without having to set up fixed offices. 

Interactive Voice Response (IVR): Automatically classify inbound callers according to their needs and quickly reroute them to the correct team or department

SMS Business Text Messaging: Engage with your customers and prospects in a more direct and personal way and allow them to respond at a more convenient time.

Power Dialer: Sales reps can quickly compile prospect lists and call through them with a single click, without dialing any numbers between calls.

Business Phone App: Your team can remain productive, whether they’re working remotely or in an office, using Android or Apple iOS phones. 

Integrations: Cut out manual admin by connecting your tools and workflows to tools like Hubspot, Pipedrive, and Salesforce.

Call Center Analytics: Monitor agent or team performance, track KPIs, set goals, and analyze other metrics from a single dashboard.

Test all features and integrations (and make sure they’re available on your preferred price plan)

Sacramento is well known for being home to thriving real estate, agricultural, and clean energy industries. No matter which Sacramento neighbourhood you’re based in, success relies partly on how hard your telephony solution works for you.

Make sure to test any phone services before committing to see which one offers the most relevant features at the best price. 

Remember to test integration capabilities with the business tools you already use like HubSpot, Salesforce, and Pipedrive

You should also be able to test CRM integrations and features like Call Recording, Call Monitoring, and Power Dialer, all of which come standard with Aircall’s entry-level pricing plan.

Select a VoIP phone system with proven cost savings

All business phone systems in Sacramento claim to be the best, making it tough to find the right one for your needs.

Every vendor claims to offer the most cost-efficiency for its services. But most vendors can’t back up their claims. 

Here at Aircall, we asked Forrester to test the business impact of Aircall on metrics like productivity, performance, and revenue gain. 

They found that Aircall saved businesses 8 minutes on call admin per hour, reduced maintenance costs by up to $585k over 3 years, and brought in a total ROI of 373%.

Read more about the proven total business impact of Aircall.

Aircall’s solution is easy to set up and immediately ready to use. It comes packed with features geared to drive performance and productivity while reducing overheads and costs.

VOIP in Sacramento and Other US Cities: Aircall Has You Covered

Businesses in Sacramento and other big cities in the United States trust Aircall to carry their customer-facing conversations with crystal clarity. 

No matter where you're located, you can access the same suite of Aircall features and services:

Aircall supports local Sacramento businesses with local voice carriers

Aircall’s market-leading VoIP network includes partnering with local providers to guarantee flawless call quality and reliability. That means you can enjoy uninterrupted service when you’re busy making sales, supporting customers, or collaborating with team members over the phone.

Heard of the Opus Codec? Ask shortlisted Sacramento VoIP providers about it. Let’s just say Aircall’s Opus Codec means zero dropped calls—even when your network strength falters or drops. 

In the office or out in the field: make the smart call with Aircall

All Aircall apps (for both mobile and desktop) are native to each platform. This means you’ll maintain strong connections to all voice carriers, no matter where you’re working from, whether it’s in Sacramento or Greater Sacramento County. 

Discover our 100+ integrations

Aircall talks to all of your critical tools and workflows.



















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