11 Standout Productivity Features for Sales Teams

Emily GregorLast updated on June 4, 2024
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Finding ways to boost the productivity of your sales teams can seem like a daunting task, but it’s also necessary if you intend to grow your business and improve customer experiences. After all, the more efficient your reps are, the more meaningful relationships are created, and the more deals get closed. 

Thanks to Aircall, however, boosting productivity can actually be as simple as choosing the right phone and communication platform. In fact, Aircall provides 11 standout features that can help to drive sales productivity, on top of a huge number of tools that can help your business grow—and your teams flourish. 

Let’s take a deep dive into how some of these productivity features can help your sales reps, along with some top tips for building team performance.

11 Essential Sales Productivity Features

Call Transcription

Manual transcription presents a huge barrier to productivity, with the need to write up calls taking up hours of valuable time every single day, often without adding real value to the sales process. 

After all, your reps have already had the call, they’ve already spoken to the customer, and they’re eager to move on to the next deal, but they can’t until the necessary admin is carried out. Thankfully, Aircall’s AI-powered Call Transcription feature can pick up the slack so your sales teams can focus on more important tasks and deliver a world-class customer experience.

Aircall’s automatic Call Transcription writes the notes so you don’t have to, making it easy to skim through call recordings and identify talk-to-listen ratios, key moments, or competitor mentions. A link to recordings and transcriptions can also be logged automatically in your CRM or help desk, so your reps can quickly browse through deals and check details.

“With Aircall transcription, we can review calls at a higher speed and easily identify when specific customer interactions take place. Being able to rapidly double-check information and find those important insights helps us to audit specific complaints while improving the efficiency of our team.” 
Oliver Moss, Quality Assurance Specialist at FlightHub

Click to Dial

When you’re chasing deals all day and have sales KPIs to hit, every second counts. You’ll quickly realize just how much time is wasted navigating back and forth between websites, emails and spreadsheets, and more, as you hunt for relevant information on prospective or existing customers. Click to Dial can help. 

As the name suggests, this feature lets you dial in a single click, meaning your sales reps spend less time toggling between screens to dial numbers, and more time connecting with customers and nurturing those all-important relationships.

The ability to click a single button to call any number in the Aircall app may seem like a simple feature, but it can save seconds with every single call. And those seconds really count. Combined with other features here, it can contribute to saving minutes every day, which obviously adds up to a whole lot of time over the month (and, you guessed it, even more over a year). 

“It takes a single click to dial, which makes it incredibly efficient for our customer support representatives to reach out." 
Walker Drewett, CEO and Founder at NuBrakes

CRM Integrations

CRM integrations are another area where Aircall comes out on top, offering a huge array of integrations that enable you to connect your phone system to other crucial tools in your existing tech stack. 

Along with productivity tools such as Microsoft Teams and Slack, and sales automation platforms including Outreach and Salesloft, Aircall’s CRM Integrations include some of the biggest names on the market, such as Salesforce, Hubspot, and ActiveCampaign.

These integrations can be activated in just a few clicks directly from the Aircall dashboard, getting your sales teams up and running in no time. Screen pop-up capabilities place the customer context exactly where it’s needed most, and the ability to automatically log calls, recordings, comments, and tags directly into your CRM or help desk can make a huge difference to your sales team’s productivity.

“Our old system had no integration whatsoever. So seeing the options available with Aircall was a no-brainer—it’s the most impressive part.” 
Brendan Cappello, Managing Director at RapidG

Power Dialer

Sales reps spend huge amounts of time on the phone each day, calling up hundreds, or even thousands, of potential customers every week. This is where features like Power Dialer can make a huge difference, helping sales reps dial faster—without ending up with sore fingers!

Power Dialer makes it easy to quickly compile a list of numbers and call through them all in just one click, and when used alongside CRM integrations such as Salesforce, your agents can save two or more minutes with every single call.

Power Dialer automatically identifies phone numbers on your prospect’s website and adds them to your calling queue, with numbers instantly added to contacts synced in your CRM. There’s no compromise in quality either, with screen pops automatically filled with the data your reps need to provide context for every call. 

You can also record notes, tags, and follow-up steps directly in the Aircall app and let automation take care of the rest. Power Dialer will place all the context you need into your CRM for you, again letting agents focus their time and energy on the more important task of building customer relationships.

“Something that our sales team likes is the Power Dialer. They can call a list of contacts one after the other, which helps streamline our sales process and has increased the number of calls one person makes in a day by 100%.” 
Safiya Cherifi, Global Inbound Manager at Too Good To Go

Call Tags and Disposition Codes

To be successful, your sales reps need to be informed about who they’re ringing and why, and the ability to classify calls with custom tags using Aircall’s Call Tags and Disposition Codes can make a big difference. 

Custom labels make it far easier to organize calls more efficiently, whether you want to tag demos, discovery calls, VIP customers, callbacks, bug fixing, or feature requests. 

This helps to put calls into context, along with keeping things more consistent, with tags automatically synced across integrated apps for even more confident reporting. What’s more, having that knowledge logged means managers can jump in and identify trends or follow up on issues. 

“Call tagging helps us understand what kind of conversations people are having, so a ticket gets generated on Intercom and then that helps us see conversation trends over time.” 
Ken Hudson, Customer Operations Lead at Spaceship

Desktop Notifications

When you’re juggling multiple calls, customers, and countless web pages, notifications can be hard to keep track of and far too easy to miss. Desktop Notifications are a great solution, helping your agents see alerts as soon as they land. 

Ring-On Speakers 

It’s all too easy to miss a call when you don’t hear your phone ring. Ring-On Speakers does exactly what you’d expect, sending your notifications straight through to your device. Even better, it’s easy to adjust audio settings to make sure you still hear calls even when you're on the other side of the office or walking back from a quick break.


As we’re sure you’ve realized by now, being able to respond to calls quickly and efficiently is the key to sales success, and that means not missing calls. Forward-to-Phone helps you to stay in touch even when you’ve left the office by forwarding calls straight to your mobile device.

Custom Filters

Dealing with hundreds or even thousands of calls can be a nightmare if you’re not organized and it can be a definite block to productivity. Aircall’s Custom Filters can help you search through categorized calls to find the exact conversation you’re looking for. 

After-Call Work

After-Call Work can also make a key difference when it comes to quick tagging, assigning, and note-taking after calls. It’s work that’s well worth doing and easier to carry out with After-Call Work, giving your agents the information they need to provide a world-class prospect and customer experience for any follow-up calls.

Aircall’s Mobile App

With hybrid and remote working becoming more widespread, mobile phones are playing an increasingly large role when it comes to sales. As such, Aircall’s Business Phone App for Mobile is a key tool, delivering the familiar user experience of Aircall’s desktop application on iPhone and Android screens, and letting your reps stay productive wherever they are. 

Boost Your Productivity Today with Aircall 

The features we’ve highlighted above can drive the productivity of your sales teams and business. Better yet, they’re already an integral part of Aircall’s phone and communication platform, helping your business to close more deals without any additional spend. 

Schedule a demo to discover more about how Aircall can help your sales team succeed today. 

Published on August 4, 2023.

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