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Aircall built-in phone widget for Freshdesk lets you set up a call center integrated with the rest of your support channels in Freshdesk.

For every call you receive, a ticket is created in Freshdesk. If the caller number is already part of your Freshdesk database, Aircall recognizes it and automatically creates a ticket on the right customer. No more duplicates or asking “What company are you calling from?”. Aircall handles everything for you and pushes all call recordings directly into Freshdesk.

Aircall automatically displays customer’s Freshdesk contact history and information when a call is connected. Agents can use this information to make more personalized interactions with the customer making him/her feel special and unique. With its seamless integration, Aircall automatically synchronizes contacts, notes and tasks between Freshdesk and Aircall.

No hardware is needed with Aircall, just a headset to make and receive calls from your computer or mobile phone. With every single plan we can get you a local or a Toll-Free number in any country in the world. Just call us or send us a message if you don’t find your country in the list.

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