How to choose a business VoIP provider in Australia

7 things you should know before you sign up

Looking for the best business VoIP provider in Australia? Not sure what to look for when it comes to features, pricing or set-up? You’re not alone. While VoIP has been around in one way or another since the mid-nineties, it’s now emerging as a core solution for businesses in an evolving post-COVID work landscape. At Aircall, business phone and ip communication solutions are our specialty.

But, what exactly is VoIP? How can it help your business? And what are the essential features to look for when it comes to VoIP service providers?

In this article we’re covering everything you need to know about Australian VoIP in just 7 simple points.

1. What is VoIP and why does it matter? ( a quick refresh)

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It all sounds very complicated, but put simply, VoIP refers to voice calls and video communications made online rather than by traditional phone service.

It’s a technology that was originally launched online more than 25 years ago as a phone system solution for small - medium sized businesses. Since then, more than 1 billion users have jumped on mobile VoIP services. According to the research, that number is expected to soar to 3 billion this year (2021).

With many VoIP systems offering video, team collaboration features, and a low cost subscription style, voice over phone solutions have provided flexibility and affordability as more and more businesses adopt remote working arrangements.

2. How does VoIP work in Australia?

VoIP technology transmits sound waves online in the form of IP data packets. This basically means that your voice gets turned into little bits of data that are sent and then decoded on the other end.

All that’s needed for VoIP to work is stable internet connection and a VoIP service provider. Without costly copper wires or maintenance costs, IP offers an easy and affordable option to phone and communications.

There are none of the long distance costs that come with traditional phone lines. Added layers of privacy and protection allow you to to encrypt phone conversations.

And since VoIP offers any-to-any-connectivity, users can connect to and from any telephone number making it an almost effortless transition.

3. Is VoIP legal in Australia?

In Australia VoIP services are usually classed as carriage services under the Telecommunications Act 1997 (Cth).

This means that VoIP providers in Australia are considered legal providing they adhere to the provisions outlined within the Telecommunications Act, and in some cases, the Privacy Act too.

The specific rules and regulations refer to the confidentiality of communications information.

4. The benefits of a VoIP phone system for your business

Almost every business is on the lookout for ways to improve efficiency and reduce the expense of telecommunications. With low cost, low maintenance, and a design geared towards increased productivity, VoIP seems to have all of the answers.

No extra costs

Perhaps the most vital consideration when adopting any new process or technology is the impact on the bottom line. The best thing about VoIP in Australia (and around the world) is its ability to provide a better quality phone and communications service at a lower overall cost. With just one fixed monthly subscription fee to pay, you don’t need to worry about the additional cost of equipment, installation or ongoing maintenance.

Cheaper international calls

Phone line installation and call costs quickly add up, particularly if your business regularly makes long-distance calls. VoIP phone systems enable cheaper international calls so you can connect with your colleagues and customers anywhere, anytime for the same rate as dialing a local number.

Locality from anywhere in the world

Another advantage of VoIP is the ability to display a local number when making customer calls. This is great if you regularly conduct call-out marketing campaigns. Generally speaking customers are far more likely to answer a call when they see a local or familiar number on the caller ID.

Connecting a remote workforce

Nowadays almost every business has some kind of remote working policy in place. Since internet protocol technologies are accessible through any device, VoIP acts as a core connector for remote or mobile teams. Your staff can make or take calls from anywhere in the world as long as they have access to a WiFi or mobile signal.

Streamline systems and increase productivity

A core benefit of a VoIP phone system is the ability to connect to cloud-based technologies. Simply plug a VoIP system directly into your CRM, chat or email, to begin tracking, recording and operating.

By connecting calls to your office tools, team members stay up to date, and your workforce is more streamlined and productive overall.

5. What to look for when you choose a business VoIP provider

With many Australian VoIP providers on the market, each with their own set of features and benefits, you'd be forgiven for feeling confused about what you should look for when choosing the right VoIP service for your business.

While every business is unique and has its own set of needs, challenges and desired outcomes, there are a few key things to look for when it comes to choosing your VoIP provider:

  • Reach and agility

  • Value

  • Cloud call centre services

  • Flexible integration and collaboration tools

  • Features that facilitate growth and expansion

  • Security

Reach and agility

This is particularly important if you’re a business that is, or wants to be, global. Look for a VoIP provider that offers multiple ‘local lines’ to different countries.


Don’t just seek out the cheapest service. Instead look at the features that are included with different providers to ensure you get a good price and great value.

Cloud call centre services

Keep your customers happy by choosing a VoIP service that includes a cloud call centre service. Call queuing, call recording and call routing are all features to look out for.

Flexible integration and easy collaboration

Take the load off your team by choosing a VoIP system that integrates easily with your systems and enables team collaboration at every stage.


Nothing is more important than protecting the security of your business and your people. Your VoIP provider should handle security and customer info with secure hosting and cloud encryption to remove any risk of data leaks.

Features that facilitate your growth

6. Getting started with VoIP - set up, installation & cost

Set up

Getting started with VoIP is easy, if you partner with an experienced and customer-centric service provider. Depending on your custom requirements, installation and implementation can be done within just a few short minutes. This keeps your down time to an absolute minimum.

How to get an Australian VoIP number

Number Porting allows you to keep the same phone numbers you’re already using. This eliminates customer confusion or the need to update your contact information across your website and other platforms.

Note: Porting can take one-to-two weeks to complete while the number is released by the previous carrier.

With a hosted VoIP solution you can also obtain local, or geographic numbers assigned to different countries, cities or regions from across the world.

What does VoIP cost in Australian dollars?

VoIP for business can cost as little as $45 AUD a month, plus the cost of running your internet connection. With Aircall the essentials subscription covers many core features to help you scale your business and expand your offer:

  • Unlimited inbound calls (toll-free excluded)

  • Outbound mins / user / month domestic

  • Integrations and API access

  • Call recording

  • IVR

  • Voicemail

  • Click-to-Dial

  • Phone support

  • SMS

7. The best VoIP providers Australia (for business)

The best business VoIP provider in Australia is the provider that offers the features, service, and reliability that supports your specific business needs.

Look for a service that offers a complimentary trial or free demo so you can experience VoIP first-hand before making any long-term decisions.

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