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Incomplete, inaccurate, and inconsistent communication can negatively affect your business productivity and, over the long-term, profitability. Relying on outdated legacy systems to communicate with customers will lead to mixed messages and customer frustration. Finding the best business phone system in Adelaide is where your journey to effective communication begins.

As a small business, you rely on every asset at your disposal to sustain growth and profitability. But a vital, often overlooked, aspect of business sustainability is effective communication. An aspect that is especially important when every conversation can make a difference in the future of your business. 

Much like playing broken telephone with string and two cans, many small businesses in Adelaide are struggling with communication efficiency.

We’ve outlined how a business phone system can benefit your organization and what to look for when deciding which one best suits your requirements. 

What Is a Business Phone System?

A business phone system, in its most basic description, is a communication system that supports multiple calls from an entire organization simultaneously. Just imagine that childhood string telephone experiment with a dedicated string stretching to each of your employees. Now that’s a tripping hazard just waiting to happen. 

The problem is that with great call capabilities comes great call management responsibilities. 

With cloud-based phone systems for small businesses, multiple communication channels are only the foundation of what you are offered. Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) systems allow businesses to efficiently incorporate their calls in their client relationship journeys. 

What Are the Key Features of a Business Phone System?

A comprehensive business phone system changes the way communication fits into your business. It can help you build and maintain client relationships, boost team performance, optimse call scheduling, and streamline your business communication. Here are a few call center software features you’d benefit from as a small business:  

Comprehensive relationship calls

A shared call inbox lets you seamlessly keep track of calls and simplify after-call work. Notes made during each call allow you to assign tasks and tag relevant parties on each call’s log. These detailed logs will help you see the full picture of your relationship with each client. 

Call recordings further help team members stay on top of ongoing tasks and activities. By partnering detailed logs with call recordings, you can empower your team to better serve your customers.

In-depth analytics

A suitable VoIP platform should offer you detailed analytic metrics that include wait time, missed call rate, and call volume. When partnering call metrics with the activity feed of employees, you get to track and manage call efficiency. 

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Customised integrations

One of the most valuable benefits that cloud-based systems offer is integration with other digital tools. Integrating your VoIP platform with your CRM and Helpdesk tools, makes every call part of the customer relationship journey. 

Call quality assurance

Effective telephone communication skills are honed over time, and the learning curve is unique to each individual. But this doesn’t mean you can’t help your team hone those skills. 

In-call monitoring allows you to monitor your employees’ communication performance and track their progress as they improve over time. Call whispering lets you communicate with your team, offering insights and guidance that only they can hear. 

These features are especially beneficial during employee training and help you maintain quality assurance at all times in your calls. 

Warm live call transfers

Employees should be able to touch base before going into a live call to ensure a “warm transfer”. When talking to a new client for the first time, this will help first-time contacts know what to expect from a call. 

Desktop notifications

With desktop notifications and incoming calls ringing directly on speakers, missed calls are no longer an issue. Calls can be answered by simply clicking on the pop-up notification banner. 

Join the conversation from anywhere

Being at your workstation isn’t always an option, a simple reality your VoIP provider should take into consideration. With Aircall’s Business Phone App, being away from your desk does not mean you’re excluded from the conversation. Even when you’re not connected, you can set your calls to forward to your phone so you never miss them. 

Schedule-based routing

Prevent missed calls by setting up customised schedules to confirm when employees are available to accept calls. These schedules can include things like lunch breaks and out-of-office days. 

With call routing, calls go directly where they need to be. Ring groups further enhance call routing to include contacts grouped by criteria such as location, language, and skills. This way, incoming calls are always directed to the people able to offer the most support. 

Optimal information integration 

Customised filters ensure your client information is easily accessible, allowing you to easily refer back to earlier conversations. Updating information and contact listings with real-time modifications further simplifies your information management. 

Conference solutions

Collaborative conversations are easy with a call conference feature. With the ability to host multiple in a single call, this makes hosting meetings easy and convenient. 

What Are the Benefits of a Business Phone System?

The benefits of a business phone system range from call efficiency and customer service to relationship management and informed decision-making. 

Since the introduction of the NBN (National Broadband Network) initiative, Adelaide companies have been relying on alternative communication solutions. With copper wiring systems being phased out, one of the biggest shifts has been changing to a cloud-based phone system. 

The goal of the NBN was to increase connectivity for individuals and small businesses alike. The benefits that came with a broadband network have gone beyond the initial objective, though. Transferring a phone system from outdated legacy models to a cloud-based system lets you integrate your existing digital tools with your new VoIP platform. 

Aircall has already helped businesses such as the Beaver Group switch to an optimised business phone solution. By integrating their Hubspot CRM with their VoIP system, the Beaver Group has been able to increase its productivity and adaptability

Are VoIP Benefits Limited to Efficient Communication?

A VoIP solution that keeps your team connected to the conversations that create business growth is just the start. The right phone system helps you to maintain the client relationships that are vital to small business growth. 

No matter how sophisticated and advanced communication technologies become, interacting with a human builds more trust in business relationships. Your phone system is the bridge that connects the human element of your business with technological possibilities. 

Legacy phone systems offered users a vital (yet single) business solution: enabling multiple-line communication. Due to its physical nature, though, it would always be a single-solution system. PBX setups, which also allow multiple call routing within a business, are a modern example of systems that still offer only this one solution to its users. 

With a cloud-based phone system for a small business, you can integrate your call center software with multiple digital tools. With CRM integration, for example, your calls can become an important part of maintaining customer relationships. 

A voice over IP solution also means your communication is no longer limited to an office. With remote and hybrid working on the rise, employees can now access communication channels wherever they are. 

As an added benefit, the easy-to-use system allows implementation and onboarding to be finalized within a day. 

How to Choose the Right Business Phone System for Your Business?

The right kind of business phone solution will help your team excel in their roles. When deciding on the most suitable option for your organization, you need to consider two aspects: Affordability and Features. 

Affordability and pricing are vital considerations for any small business when investing in a solution. But when asking, “How much does a business phone system cost in Adelaide?”, you may be pleasantly surprised. 

Cloud-based solutions are a more affordable option than traditional telephone solutions. The cost savings in themselves make a VoIP system a worthwhile communication investment. 

VoIP systems offer a wider variety of communication features than legacy systems do. However, thanks to cloud-based integration, you should also be looking for features that can improve your business performance beyond communication.
The ideal communication solution should be within your budget while offering the features and tools beneficial for your business size. Small businesses especially need to find a provider that is scalable and can grow with their operations.

The Best Business Phone System Providers in Adelaide 

Due to a rise in demand for cloud-based software solutions around the globe, there are numerous VoIP providers to choose from. When looking for the best VoIP provider in Adelaide, you need to find a solution that suits your business needs and allows scalability.  

Below is an overview of the 4 top VoIP providers available in Australia: 


Aircall focuses on relationship building and team collaboration. Its scalability lies in its customisation options, with costs being adjusted according to the integrations required. 

Pricing (USD)

  • Essentials $30/user

  • Professional $50/user

  • Custom Quote-based

Key Features

  • Warm transfers

  • Call monitor and whisper

  • Shared call inbox & tags

  • call recording, and after-call work

  • Mobile App

100+ Integration

  • Salesforce

  • Hubspot


  • Salck

  • Shopify

  • ...and so much more!


8×8 offers tier-based solutions that include contact center functionalities alongside collaboration tools, such as team chat and video meetings. The downside is that entry-level features are limited. 

Pricing (USD)

  • 8×8 Express Plan: $15.00/user

  • X2 Plan:  $32.00/user

  • X4 Plan: $57.00/user 

Key Features

  • Post-Call Surveys

  • Ring Groups and Patterns

  • Advanced Analytics

Integration Examples

  • Microsoft Teams

  • Zendesk

  • Zoho


GoToConnect offers its subscribers an array of tools for communication. You get the option to fully customize your system according to the features your business will benefit from most. 

Pricing (USD)

  • Basic Plan: $24.00/user

  • Standard Plan: $29.00/user 

  • Premium Plan: From $39.00/user (annual plan only)

Key Features

  • Dial Plan Editor

  • Custom Auto-Attendants

  • Call Routing and Filtering

Integration Examples

  • Microsoft Teams

  • Slack

  • Salesforce


Focused specifically on small businesses and start-ups, Ooma aims to provide a quality VoIP solution at a cost-effective price. It does, however, come with fewer features and no integration options, minimizing its scalability. 

Pricing (USD)

  • Office Essentials: $19.95/user

  • Office Pro: $24.95/user per month

  • Office Pro Plus: $29.95/user 

Key Features

  • Virtual Receptionist

  • Mobile App

  • Caller Info Match

Integration Examples

  • Hubspot

  • Leadcamp

  • Salesforce 

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