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Business phone system in Melbourne

When choosing business phone systems in Melbourne, you might be a little overwhelmed by the variety of available options. Our comprehensive guide to business phone systems in Melbourne will take you through the whys, the hows and the price points of your business phone system solutions. 

Why Do You Need a Business Phone System in Melbourne?

We could write pages about why your Melbourne-based enterprise needs a business phone system, but we also know that you’re busy upholding 7% of the Australian economy. So, for the economy of time, we’ll give you three good reasons why you need a business phone system in Melbourne. 

As the central business and administrative hub of the state of Victoria, Melbourne is a busy city. The top three sectors which make up Melbourne’s robust GLP are:

  • Financial and Insurance Services 

  • Professional, Scientific and Technical Services

  • Information Media and Telecommunications 

What do these three sectors have in common? The companies’ ability to communicate effectively in these sectors determines their success. Every business, regardless of its size, revolves around the singular human skill of communication. But some of us are better at it than others. 

At the end of the day, whatever your business does, you will benefit from a business phone system in Melbourne that allows you to have a better conversation. Here are four more benefits to business phone systems:

Benefit 1: take the pressure off your team 

A good business phone system will take a load off your team’s shoulders. By implementing automatic call routing, you can take calls at any time, anywhere. Plus, if you make the right choice, your vendor will go the extra mile to help you implement a new system. If you pick the right partner, you won’t have to train your employees to troubleshoot IT or connectivity issues. 

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Furthermore, an auto-attendant prevents employees from falling prey to human error. By taking the pressure off, you’re creating a positive environment and fostering internal trust. Bonus? Happy employees = higher productivity. 

Benefit 2: Streamline workflow

The right phone system is going to achieve the following for your business: 

  • Seamlessly add new contact information to your database 

  • Onboard new platform users with ease 

  • Take care of queuing and routing calls 

  • Simplify the administrative burden that is stealing productivity hours from your employees 

Don’t sweat the small stuff - let your phone system do that. Instead, you should focus on what actually matters - simplifying your business. 

Benefit 3: Improved customer service 

The right business phone system will not just make things easier for your team. It also improves a customer or vendor’s experience of your business. Nobody wants to be coldly redirected to an anonymous call centre by an eerily calm robot lady. People want to talk to people. 

The right communication system will facilitate quick and efficient conversations between your customers and your team. 

Benefit 4: Scalability 

A cloud-based phone system is as flexible as you need it to be. You could task an entire department with manning incoming calls and messages. But, the more viable solution is to implement a cloud phone system that you can expand to accommodate your business’s growth. 

We’re talking about internal and external communication here. Cloud phone systems can help 1) you tackle a more extensive enterprise directory and 2) maintain clear communication between you and your team, which is essential for the journey of growth ahead. With better customer service comes business growth. And that means more calls, messages and inquiries. Your business would benefit from a cloud-based communication system that you can customise to support your business’s growth. 

Top Features That You Need to Have in a Business Phone System

A business phone system will only benefit your team if it delivers workable features. This is our pick of the top five features you need for your phone system to serve your business best.   

Call transfer  

This feature makes it possible for coworkers, clients and vendors to reach you on all of your contact devices. If you aren’t available, call transfer features will redirect your caller to voicemail. They’ll never be left hanging. 

Do Not Disturb 

This feature is pretty self-explanatory. DND is a significant feature for meetings and other important appointments that require your uninterrupted attention. 

Call waiting  

When you’re on a call, call waiting will notify you discreetly of incoming calls. This way, you can delegate on your feet. Direct the call to another team member, place the caller on hold or redirect them to voicemail while you finish up. 

Call conferencing   

Your business phone system should enable you to host video/voice calls with multiple parties over different locations. This ensures optimal transparency and clarity in your communications. It also demonstrates professional conduct and accommodation on your part. 

Voicemail transcription    

Some IP PBX systems offer this feature. Voicemail transcription will transcribe your voicemails into SMS and forward them to you in an email. This is a major time-saver. Also, since the transcription is sent via email, you can respond to messages from any one of your mobile devices. 

What Is the Average Price for a Business Phone System in Melbourne?

The cost of business phone systems in Melbourne depends entirely on the size of your team. Additionally, you can calculate costs according to the type of package you select from your vendor. But, to give you an idea of what you’re working with, we’ve sourced some starting stats to consider. 

According to this comparison table from Expert Market, the average cost of a small business phone system comes to AU$21,27 per user per month. But those figures reflect entry-level prices. On the other end of the scale, the average price for premium packages comes in at around AU$60,72. 

It’s important to note that the price of Melbourne business phone systems also varies according to any additional features that you require. For instance, some features - for example, integration into your operational apps - may only be available if you purchase a premium subscription. 

Comparison of the 7 Best Business Phone Systems in Melbourne

Compare our top picks for the best business phone systems in Melbourne with a summary of all the key factors. 


Transform your customers’ experience with IT-approved cloud call centre solutions, coaching tools, real-time analytics and 100+ features in the basic package. 


  • Zero hardware required

  • Call bundles

  • Power dialer

  • Call whispering

  • IVR

  • App ecosystem

  • Unlimited domestic outbound calls plus unlimited inbound and internal calls and texts (except toll-free)

  • Live feeds and custom analytics


Aircall has one of the largest app ecosystems to date, which includes industry-leading integrations such as Zendesk, HubSpot, Pipedrive, Intercom, Slack and Zoho.




4 stars on TrustRadius 


An American provider of VoIP products. Cloud-based voice, contact centre, video, mobile and unified communications for businesses.


  • End-to-end encryption

  • Platform-wide 99.95% uptime SLA

  • 35+ public and private data centres


MS Teams, Salesforce, Google Workspace, Zendesk, Azure, Okta, Freshdesk and HubSpot.


US$15 per user per month


4.0 stars on Capterra


Software that helps you simplify your business. Manage all conversations and engage with customers and teams on one platform. 


  • Unlimited voice & video calling

  • Voicemail

  • Toll-free numbers


Outlook/Google Contacts integrations are available with the Essential package.




4 stars on TrustRadius

TPG Bizphone

An affordable phone solution offering cloud PBX features. It also enables you to add more handsets as your business grows.


  • Standard local and national calls

  • Unlimited calls to Australian mobile numbers

  • Voicemail transcriptions

  • Auto-attendant

  • Call forwarding


Not available for telemarketing, call centre function or similar. Must be used with a TPG handset, direct Ethernet cabling and a fixed broadband connection.


AU$29,95 per user per month


3.7 stars on ProductReview


A telco for your small business. Spintel has custom solutions for business phone system requirements, from a one-man show to small businesses.


  • PBX Line Pooling 

  • Cloud security

  • IVR

  • Call recording

  • Conference calls


Spintel does not advertise any available integrations on their site


$10 per month


4.2 stars on ProductReview


A unified communications platform that connects call tools, video and integrations on one cloud phone system.


  • Voicemail-to-text

  • Video conferencing

  • Team messaging

  • Document sharing


Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Slack.


US$29,99 per user per month


3.5 stars on TrustRadius 


Ooma has curated over 50 features to keep you in touch with your team and customers. 


  • Virtual receptionist

  • Ring groups

  • Music on hold

  • One toll-free number

  • Email auto attachments are available on the Essentials package


Google and Office 365 integrations are available with Pro Package.


$19,95 per user per month 


4.5 stars on TrustRadius 

How to Choose Between All These Business Phone Systems?

Ultimately, the factors which inform your choice between all these business phone systems depend on the size and operation of your business. But other helpful deciding factors include: 

Price point  

As far as competitive pricing is concerned, Aircall is in the lead. Our entry-level package includes 100+ features to support your business operations. These range from real-time analytics to unlimited domestic calls at no unnecessary hardware costs. 

Spintel is another cost-effective option, but they are not nearly as feature-rich as Aircall. 

Network reliability 

If call quality and a stable connection are non-negotiable for your business, then Nextiva is a good option to consider. Apart from Aircall, theirs is one of the most reliable lines on the market. The company’s network boasts 99.95% uptime, which is good news for speedy service delivery. 

Overall value and ROI

If you’re looking for a Melbourne business phone system that offers you a wide variety of industry-leading features, then Aircall is your go-to option. 

For seekers of services which promise to supplement and support your CRM, Aircall is also a top-tier provider of flexible integrations. Bonus: even the most basic of packages offered by Aircall offer more integration options than most other business phone systems on the market. 

Still unsure of how to make your selection? Our guide to How to Choose the Right Business Phone System will set you on the right path.  

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