The Voice of SMBs

Tailored to your market, discover actionable growth strategies from 1,400 customer-facing team leaders.

The Voice 
of SMBs

With insights from leaders of top-performing customer-facing teams

Key findings


of sales teams in North America say their business’s main focus this year will be customer satisfaction


of UK sales teams feel optimistic about overall growth in the year ahead


of customer support teams in Australia are prioritizing improved customer experiences over growth at all costs in 2024

4 key insights, packed with quick wins for sustainable growth

The data, insights, and actions needed to take your sales and customer support teams to the next level.

Growth beyond the numbers

AI as your sidekick

The art of human connection

A focus on coaching

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Take the unconventional approach to business growth

‘Growth at all costs’ is a thing of the past. Responsible growth is the way forward. So how can you influence sustainable growth in the year ahead? We have some ideas…

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Are prioritizing improving customer experiences

There is a savvy mindset shift among SMBs. Now, there’s a focus on improving customer satisfaction, getting the fundamentals right, and enhancing agility. The result? A more sustainable approach to growth.

We handed SMBs the mic and empowered them to speak up about their challenges and opportunities. The result? A resource-packed guide with actionable insights and tips that will help you problem-solve, adapt, and respond to the shifting business landscape you find yourselves in

— Scott Chancellor, CEO, Aircall

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Open your mind to unconventional growth levers

SMBs are centering their growth strategies on levers that indirectly influence the bottom line. In 2024, you’ll see sales and customer support teams leverage better customer experiences and the upskilling of agents to contribute to growth.

Ready to turn this insight into action?

Start with your people

Growth stems from your employees. Create a team culture that inspires ambition, action, and a commitment to high standards.

Set clear targets

Metrics such as headcount, of course, indicate growth. But are you balancing these KPIs with influential metrics such as CSAT and NPS?

Align your teams

Every business needs direction. Implement a collaborative, cross-functional goal-setting strategy to reach your growth targets faster.

Ready to dive into your local insights?

If you work in Australia, Europe, North America or the UK, then these regional adaptations of the report are for you. Designed for either sales teams or customer support teams in these regions, you’ll find insights and actions to drive business growth throughout 2024.

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Looking for a global overview?

If you’re looking for a broader overview, then the global version 
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Here you’ll find actionable growth strategies from 1,400 customer-facing team leaders globally. It includes insights and tips that are relevant no matter where 
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